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What People Say About Aila Accad, RN

"I've heard nothing but great feedback...and I have received positive feedback, both written and verbal, from the participants....Thank you for an enlightening and empowering day, both professionally and personally. You have this unique ability to educate, influence, and inspire. You truly have a gift and you use it for the betterment of others. Thank you sincerely,"
Pamm Moore, Event Planner, Aker Solutions

"The biggest benefit is that what she brings to the table is different. Several of the comments were this presenter was wonderful, it wasn’t the same old tired ideas presented in the same old tired ways. I was surprised at how many of the evaluations said how effective what Aila presented was for them, even just in that moment that they tried them there in the conference setting.
I would very much recommend Aila for conferences, especially for health care professionals and the stress-busting and consider booking her again for our Palliative Care Conference.”

Lisa McMillion, Event Planner, Palliative Care Conference

"The measure of success was an increase in DSL and Long Distance units per 100 calls. The pilot class was enormously successful. LD units increased 19% and DSL units increased 68%. What I consider to be equally successful was the manner in which the team worked to accomplish this goal. I briefly joined one of the planning meetings expecting to mediate opposing views. I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone participating as they worked out the details of who would do what. It really was a collaborative group effort. I know they were very proud of their accomplishment as well as the success of the program. Thank you,"
Charlie Kennedy, Branch Manager, Verizon, Charleston WV Business Sales Center

“Your enthusiasm and energy kept the meeting moving and focused. For some time, we have been discussing the mission statement of the organization. Through well-planned activities, you brought us to consensus so that we are now ready to formalize a statement.”
Patricia M. Moyers, CAE, Executive Director West Virginia Society of CPAs

“Excellent – so refreshing to have someone help me to be able to give myself permission to be what I want to be and love myself that I can be all I was meant to be.”
Darlene A. Boyd, RN, BC, Geriatrics

"Wow-thank you so very much for your time and positive energy. I didn't realize how restricted my breathing and how much worry I was holding in my body until we were through talking and I was able to breathe deeply. I feel better than I ever have about my music career sitting here with a huge smile on my face and peace in my heart. Your coaching shed light on how I was limiting myself with anxious and worried energy and unproductive thoughts. I feel like a really important shift in my way of thinking about things was able to occur today. Thanks for helping to transform that anxious energy into positive energy and peaceful contentment.
Peace and Blessings,
Mark Smith, LMT,

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“Very uplifting and knowledgeable. Makes you look at things in a different way.”
Kim Fitzwater

“Interesting, informative, validating. A wonderfully uplifting learning experience.”
Karen Marshall, English Teacher

“You are awesome! Very positive and energetic. You helped me. Great personality.”
Mary Smith, Manager

“This was so very powerful, enlightening & Stress free!"
Stephanie Isaacs, LPN

“Excellent – so refreshing...helped me to be able to give myself permission to be what I want to be and love myself...”
Darlene A. Boyd, RN, BC, Geriatrics

“So much positive energy! Learned a lot and will put it into practice.”Glenys Old, HR Manager,Prima 7-11

"You have given the key to me to change my life and make it stress free….”
Vicki Forinash, RN

“I cannot wait to apply these skills. Thank You!! I now know what energizes me! I am truly in the right profession.”
Linda Henson, Social Worker, Mingo County Board of Education

“Thank you so much for this tip for destressing! It was so simple and yet so effective. Such wisdom!”
MaryLou Lewis, MD, FACP, MA, Clinical Ethicist and Palliative Care Physician