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Get A Grip, Issue #001 -- New Look for Well-Being
July 18, 2006

I apologize for the long delay in getting this newsletter out to you. But now the technology is humming and we are on track for keeping in touch on a regular basis!

There is a new format to the Newsletter and a new name.

The name is Get-A-Grip and this first issue is online at:

I hope you will pick up your newsletter today, because there are some timely announcements in this issue.

The newletter will have a new home in the next week, which will entail a small inconvenience.

In order to prevent spamming, you will be receiving an e-mail that asks you to opt-in to Get-A-Grip. That just involves clicking on the link in the e-mail you will be receiving to let the new carrier know you still want to receive mail from me.

I hope you will go ahead and click that link.

You will receive a special gift as soon as you click the link to opt in to my new mailing service.

It is going to be great fun communicating with you on a more regular basis!

PS Please contact me if you do not receive the opt in e-mail.

:)))) Aila
Your Get-A-Grip Coach

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