Observe Yourself

Look deep into your eyes in a mirror.

Who is looking back?

Your body, emotions and thoughts change, yet abiding through
the changes is an unchanging YOU.This invulnerable core
is a foundation for inner strength and support.

Observe your experiences of and responses to life. Human beings
have the capacity to observe, reflect and be conscious about our

To the extent that you can strengthen and support the curiosity of
your inner Observer, you will reduce your stress.

We grow up conditioned to listening to the inner critic. Once you
are an adult it is time to cultivate the dispassionate Observer
within you.

The Oberver is like a scientist. It notes the facts of the situation
with interest in its purpose or usefulness without judgment.
The Observer's favorite comment is, "That's interesting."

Along with releasing the inner critic (see details on how to do this
in The Call of the Soul) cultivating a strong Observer is essential
to living a less stressed, more peaceful, productive and satisfying

When you have a strong Observer, you have more freedom to
choose your responses moment to moment. You can truly be
present in your life.

Connect with You is Tip # 23 in "34 Instant Stress-Busters."
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I know you can live a life that is essentially stress free. T his is
my vision for you. My mission is to bring you all the tools I've
learned to do just that!

Warm :)))
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