Article on Health Routine for Wellness

My Health Routine for Wellness

by Aila Accad, RN, MSN

I'm one of those people who almost never get "sick", recover quickly and look and feel younger than my age. The older I get chronologically, the more convinced I am that the daily routine I'm about to share with you is the reason.

I always hated routine and structure, until one of my mentors, Jim Rohn, helped me to see it differently. He said, “The adage is an apple a day keeps the doctor away, not a bag of apples once in a while. There is a reason for that. Success is built from daily habits”

My routine is simple, evolves over time and in addition to basic grooming (washing, brushing teeth) now includes five elements that create a holistic approach for total well-being:

I routinely start and end every day with appreciation for the gift of life, seeing, hearing, sensing - experiencing ~ the good fortune to be alive.

Appreciation arises frequently throughout the day as well. It has become a habit that adds fulfillment to my life, no matter what is happening. This involves not only appreciating the so called “good” stuff or feelings that happen, but rather the ability to experience and feel it all.

I also start each day with an intention. “I will to will divine will. I will that my ego be in the service of my soul, which is divine.” I’ve used this same intention for a couple of years now. The intention changes occasionally, yet I state an intention aloud each day.

In alignment with the law of attraction, intention is an essential element to purposely achieving what you want.

Energy In:
I routinely eat whole foods (as possible), drink filtered water and take whole food supplements every morning. My diet is not "perfect". I'm convinced that my high antioxidant supplements are essential to compensate and correct for the unavoidable inadequacies and toxins in my food. I forgot to take them first thing in the morning twice and could feel the difference by noon. They are a staple in my routine. (resource below)

Sometime during the day I spend a minimum of 10 minutes out of doors in the sun (without chemical sunscreens) and spend a few minutes periodically focusing on my vision board.

The rest of the day, I observe what increases and decreases my energy. I may use breathing, music, energizing foods, water or inspiring words and images to adjust my energy. This concept and the skills to accomplish it in my Weight No More TeleCoaching Program.

Example, I’ve learned that pasta is a low energy food for me, so I do not eat it before an activity that requires high energy or focused attention like a workshop or coaching call.

Some of my youthfulness and vitality comes from balancing Being and Doing.

Learning is the delight of my life! I would naturally spend all day just being and learning. One thing I've learned is that I also have a passion and purpose for sharing what I learn. This is my full time "work", the daily challenge that requires effort and focus to accomplish.

After centering and setting an intention, I start the day setting one or two goals to complete in order to accomplish something.

Being self-employed, there is very little imposed structure to my day, so setting a daily goal is essential to my routine. Without it, I would play “be” all day with no tangible creative outcome “doing” (books, CDs, presentations) or income. Once the goal(s) is set, then, actions and choices for the day are guided by intuition.

Often I wake up with a goal that inspires me to get up and go. I’ve learned that if I don’t stop and do the routine of centering, setting an intention and writing the goal, it's easy to get distracted and forget what I awoke inspired to do. When I don’t set a goal for the day, the energy I expend being busy leaves me with a "let down" feeling, rather than the inspiring endorphins that feed my passion and keep me young.

Interestingly, even if I don’t accomplish the goal I set, I've usually accomplished something. This is the way the unconscious mind works. Give it a clear direction and it will take you in that direction, though not necessarily the way you had in mind : )

Energy Out:
Expending energy through movement, exercise, self-expression.

I exercise at a “Curves style” facility (resource below) for 35 minutes a day when possible. When I can't get there, I at least walk, dance, stretch or do some movement for a minimum of twenty minutes during the day. I have to be intentionally conscientious about this, since it's my nature to expend most of my energy mentally and verbally.

I love moving once I get started. To start, I use the Nike approach “Just Do It!” I know that when I allow my mind a chance to think about it, it will find excuses for not exercising. The Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique (EFT) helps to remove my tendency to sabotage this routine.

I have to consciously go to bed early enough to get at least seven hours of sleep. When I’m engaged in something I get energized and suddenly it’s 1 or 2 AM before I realize.

On occasions when I know I’m not going to get those hours I use Starlight's Lullaby (resource below) to increase REM sleep, so my body and mind can get required rest in a shorter period of time.

During the day, meditation is essential to my mental focus and health. I’ve used many types of meditation over the years and frequently practice mindfulness throughout the day for a few minutes at a time, especially when my mind or energy is off in scattered directions. I also use my own Guided Meditations for relaxation, accessing inner wisdom, creating sacred space around my work and more.

It is documented that 85-90% of all illness and dis-ease is due to stress. I am diligent about reducing energy waste and physical deterioration from stress! To this end, I use all the strategies shared with you in my book "34 Instant Stress-Busters" routinely throughout the day.

One of those strategies, Quick Tip #21 ~ Tap On It! Emotional Freedom Tapping (acupressure) Techniques (EFT) is a mainstay of my day. I use this powerful technique to reduce stress and increase clarity. It is wonderful for calming and clearing out unnecessary drains on my energy.(resource below)

In Summary:
Great health is supported by a daily routine that enhances energy flow. Observe what increases and decreases your energy. Build your daily routine based on your observations.

Take energy into your body through energetic (whole, organic, unprocessed or microwaved) foods, water soluble natural supplements, sun, clean (filtered) water, inspiring images and words and breathing deeply.

Keep your energy and body moving through exercise, movement, stretching, stress-busting, EFT and by investing it in intentionally accomplishing your passionate purpose and goals.

Allow your body and mind adequate rest to integrate your experiences and renew your resources.

Finally, look upon your routine as an evolving process rather than a perfect plan to which you must adhere. I found rigid programs to be a set-up for sabotage.

According to nature's law of attraction, what you focus on expands. Focus your daily routine (actions, habits) in the direction of optimum well-being with appreciation, awareness and intention and you will live the health, happiness and abundance that is your birthright every day!

To Your Abundant Health,


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Resources & Recommendations

Energy In

Movie: Food, Inc.
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Daily Supplements (water soluble, balanced)
Starlight – Well Pak Female (StarPac, LifeGuard, Psycles) Total Rejuvenation, LifeGuard Joint Formula, and Ideas
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Weight No More TeleCoaching Program
I lost 100 lbs 3 times. This is how I learned what works and what doesn't. The wisdom and success tools are all contained in this 5-week downloadable program that will lead you through the steps to permanent weight release & management for a lifetime.Once you have the tools, you can use them over and over to retrain your habits and develop a daily routine that works for YOU.

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Energy Out

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34 Instant Stress-Busters, Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra time or money
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Starlight – Lullaby
E-mail me for the link or
use this ID number 9128701 if you Google the site.
Unfortunately, the company does not permit sharing the direct link to that site on this page

The De-Stress ToolBox
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Guided Meditations
Six Meditations for:
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