Article on Mind-Body Connection

My good friend, Sheila, sent me the following letter, which clearly describes with actual examples the power of the mind-body connection.

Below the letter are links to a book and excellent video presentations by Bruce Lipton, PhD that explain the phenomenon in scientific terms.

Sheila also refers to wellness supplements we both take. If you want more information on these, just contact me on the form below or use the ID# provided.


Dear Friends,

Some things have happened recently in my family and I decided to share what I have learned through the years.

Many of you have heard me talk John Ray ND, Father of Body Electronics, whom I took classes from for 15 years. I consider him genius to this day and have yet to prove him wrong in anything that he shared with us.

Back in the 70's he was talking about holistic health, Iridology, mind, body spirit, herbs and vitamins for prevention of disease. I saw help with everything as the body got the proper supplements. Then, there were no formulas and you took capsules of each herb. I was so excited with Starlight because these products were formulations or recipes with a little of this and lot of that. You still got great results without taking all the products that I use to have to take.

I took a series of classes from this fantastic man, called "Health and the Human Mind." He would tell us "YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT UNTIL YOU LEARN TO FORGIVE". Stop and think about this It is a POWERFUL STATEMENT! I will now give you examples.

We have all seen children of alcoholics become alcoholics. Women of alcoholic fathers in turn marry an alcoholic. You become what you hate until you learn to forgive. Since learning this, I see the concept in motion over and over.

The reason I am writing is to make you aware of the power of your computer-mind.

I have written several notes on my cousin's recent stroke. His father, at age 62, had a horrible stroke that left him in wheelchair for the next 12 years unable to walk or talk. When my cousin's wife said to him just after his stroke "I bet you did not think we would be doing this at this time in our life?” He said, “IT IS ALL THAT I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT". You become what you hate till you learn to forgive. He hated the situation that his father was in after the stroke; it is all that he thought about.

I have seen men whose fathers got a divorce and left. The mother was bitter and the kids hated their father for leaving. You could not talk to them. Low and behold, these men got in their 40's and were miserable in their marriage. They got girlfriends and thought of divorce but did not want their children to hate them like they had spent their lives hating their fathers. For the first time in their lives, they were able to see the father's side and forgive him for getting a divorce.

I have a cousin whose father died when he was 52 of kidney disease. His wife recently told me that he had his "bucket list" made and keeps saying he has to this or that soon as he only has about 10 years to live. I fear for him, as I know that the mind is very powerful and "you become what you hate until you learn to forgive." I am talking about situations that you hated. If you are not careful, you can create this for yourself.

I know a young man who was a kid when I met him. He parents were well to do. They got a divorce. Both parents got with much younger partners. They told him they did not have room for him. He was out on the streets at 17. They gave him some money but they did not want him around. He always did well in life but things would fall apart and he ended up going to his father or mother to see if he could stay until he got on his feet. They always said no. I finally talked to him and told him he was creating these situations that he hated because you become what you think about until you learn to forgive. He was then able to keep his family without having to be on his parent’s doorstep. He was so bitter that he had been "kicked out". He kept creating situations without knowing it to see if he would be welcome by his parents. After talking with him, he was able to keep his business going and he flourished.

I knew a woman whose sister died of TB. Years later, I heard she had died in her late 40's of the same disease. This is a rare disease these days, but it is all she thought about. The same goes for cancer. I talk to people that are scared to death of cancer and it is all they think about. Sure enough, many get it.

I worked in a pharmacy for years. The customers were locals that I had known for years. I was AMAZED at how they would come in and say, “I have cancer and the doctor told me that I had about 6 months to live.” Many would die almost 6 months to the day. Others would say the doctor told me that I have cancer and only 6 months to live. He is CRAZY, I got kids to raise. They would live on. Many cancer treatments include visualization. They teach you to see the tumor and blow it up and destroy it with your mind.

You have to guard your mind. Control what you are thinking (creating) about yourself. Many times we catch ourselves thinking about things that we hated as children and young adults. You dwell on it and you are creating it for yourself. If you think about all of this, I am sure you will see many situations where this concept applies. I can see it and when I share it with a person, many times it sets them free from repeating the situation.

We have all heard or read in the bible "As a man thinketh, so is he." Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich", said the secret of self made millionaires was written goals and that you become what you think about.

I never think about getting sick. I am convinced that my body is getting food or fuel it needs to stay healthy. I do not worry about dis-ease. I always claim it. I say I am healthy. I do not get sick. Many in my family even talk about how healthy I am and that I never get ill. I guard what I think about. I have it written on my goal sheet from back in the early 90's when I first read "Think and Grow Rich". I wished for excellent health and not to age.

When I read the book, he said to write down EVERYTHING that I wanted. I added this at the bottom and thought why not. This was several years before Starlight was formed. Then I got involved with a company that had these fabulous products for prevention and then they got Total Rejuvenation, scientifically proven to slow down and reverse the aging process on the cellular level. I suppose many of you could thank me for thinking so much about not aging, that this product was created! Ha! Ha!

Today, I heard something that alarmed me. The woman that plays the senior citizen on the Desperate Housewives was talking on the "The View". She has lung cancer. This is her second bout with it. She was there to create awareness. She said that 1 out of 5 women that had LUNG CANCER had it DUE TO HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY. Last week I told you that that the breast surgeon said you doubled your rate of breast cancer by taking hormone replacement therapy. I had no idea that a lot of lung cancer was due to HRT.

We HAVE TO GET TO OUR FRIENDS and let them know the statistics. We have to let them know about Psycles and Star Pac. Psycles is all-natural and helps in the prevention of uncomfortable situations associated with menopause. It is for all women once they start their cycle. It helps with numerous problems; it is simply targeted nutrition for the female reproductive system.

Problems correct themselves when they get the proper food or fuel. Problems do not arise when the body is healthy. This is the reason you need to stay on this for prevention. Many, many women end up with hysterectomies in their 40's and 50's. I have seen many, many women cancel these surgeries when they get on Psycles and Lifeguard. Their body, when give the proper fuel it needs, corrects itself.

Star Pac is your food and gives you everything you need on a daily basis to stay healthy and has the calcium, and Vitamin D to help prevent osteoporosis.

There is NO NEED to take chemical hormone replacement therapy and double your risk of breast cancer and increase you chances of getting lung cancer. Starlight is the natural alternative!

Guard your mind, pay attention to what you are constantly thinking about and take your supplements for a long healthy life.

Pray for our soldiers, our country and our world,


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