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Transform Your Dreams Into Reality with a Vision Board

by Aila Accad, RN

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw

You can use a vision board as a tool for transforming your imagination into creation. Everything is created in the mind first and then in tangible form. A vision board can help you to manifest what you want to create.

What it is

It is a collection of words, images, pictures and concepts arranged on a format like a poster or core board that you can see and contemplate daily. A vision board provides a constant visual and emotional reminder to focus on what you want.

How it works

Looking at the words and images activates the reticular formation in your brain. This is an important process in bringing your desires into awareness. I call it the “Red Car Phenomenon”. Have you ever noticed that when you buy a car, as soon as you drive it off the lot, you start to see more cars that look just like yours? This is because the mind has activated attention to what is important to you in that moment.

You can use this natural process to your advantage. When you focus on what you want visually, you begin to see opportunities in your life that connect to what you want. This is a natural way to focus and manifest exactly what is important to you.

Steps for making a Vision Board

1. Create time and space. Select an uninterrupted time and adequate space to devote to creating your vision board. You can play some quiet instrumental music (no words) if you like. It is best to do this process without talking or distractions.

2. Gather supplies. Collect some magazines, photos, scissors, glue or tape, colored pens or pencils, and a poster or core board.

3. Relax your body and mind. Take a deep breath, let it out and relax. Focus your attention toward your inner being. Ask aloud, “What is my desire?” or “What is most important to me right now?” Your board can be generally (life) or specifically (job, relationship, home…) focused. Trust whatever arises. This is a very intuitive process. Your mind may not be clear about what you want, but you can trust your heart to know. This will reveal itself in the next step.

4. Browse. Look through the magazines and notice what attracts your attention. Rip out the images, words, colors or shapes that attract you. Don’t trim them with scissors at this point. Just put them in a pile. Don’t think about them or arrange them on the board until you are finished. You will find that there will be a point when you sense you have enough.

5. Select your focus. Look through the photos, words and images that you have collected. Select the center focal point for your board. Then arrange the rest of the items around the center as desired. You can trim the items as you like. Don’t glue the objects down until you are completely finished arranging them. Sometimes words will be arranged together to convey a message. Approach this process with curiosity and a free mind. There is no need to structure what “should” be on your board. Go with the flow of the experience.

6. Glue down the elements. Once you have arranged all the elements the way you want them, glue them down.

7. Look at your creation. I am always surprised at the final creation. You will see connections and meanings you may not have anticipated. Many times the meaning of your vision board reflects more depth of meaning over time.

8. Place the board. Put your vision board in a location where you will see it daily. Focus on the images every day, especially at the start of the day. You will find opportunities arise that connect with your vision. The more you focus and feel the reality of your vision materializing the more you will experience the creation of that reality. You can even take photos of your vision board. Place them in frequently seen locations like the car, office, and bathroom.

9. Enjoy seeing your vision become reality. I have a friend who regularly makes vision boards. I saw the board she made when she wanted to find her ideal home. When she bought her house, I went to see it. I was shocked! The view into her living room from the front door was EXACTLY the picture on her vision board. This experience convinced me of the power of our vision to become reality.

10. Make new boards regularly. You can make a vision board for every aspect of your life. Or, create a fresh board with any new events or changes in your life.

Deciding what you want and energizing that vision with continuous focus is your part in the co-creation of life. When you focus on what you want life evolves and expands into more than you could imagine. Get ready to be amazed!

© 2009 Aila Accad

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