Article on Work Stress

The Cause and Cure for Stress at Work

by Aila Accad, RN, MSN

Job stress occurs when you work too much; work in conflict with your values and talents or work under difficult circumstances. It is not news to anyone that stress can make you physically sick.

Not only can work stress make you sick, but once you get sick, your lower energy levels affect the quality and quantity of your work. Eventually, impaired performance can ruin your career.

Whether you work for yourself, own a business or are an employee, stress on the job is a growing problem. With increasing financial constraints, employers are asking more of each worker with fewer resources. You are not only concerned about your stress, but also the stress of the people around you. Other’s stress can affect your work and health as well.

Take a moment to write down a few of the things that stress you at work. Look at the items on your list. What do the items all have in common? Do you have control over any of them?

Situations that cause you stress are situations you feel you cannot control – too much to do with too little time or resources, other people not pulling their load, negative or demanding supervisors or coworkers, or fear of job loss for example.

The key to reducing your stress is focusing your time and energy on the things within your control, namely your own thoughts, feelings and choices within the situation.

The Key Principle for Stress ReductionYou have NO control of anything outside yourself.You have TOTAL control of everything inside yourself.

This does not seem earth-shattering until you look at daily reactions to what stresses you.

You reduce your stress when you put your time and energy into the one area where it will pay off, where you have total control and power to direct your life – in YOU, what you think, feel and choose (your actions). This brings you the confidence and freedom of Self-Mastery.

Keeping this principle in mind will serve you well as you learn to reduce your stress in any area of your life, including your work life.

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