Seminar Participation Survey

Dear Manager,

I am honored to be providing a presentation for you on October 22. Because I respect your time, I am requesting your help to make that presentation as timely and useful to you as possible.

Please help me make this presentation relevant and helpful by answering the brief survey below as completely as you can and submitting your answers as soon as possible.

Thank You in Advance,

Warm Regards,

PS Feel free to contact me, if you have additional comments or further input that is not covered in this brief survey.

PPS The survey results are completely confidential. I am the only person who will read your survey.

Seminar Participation Survey

My biggest stressor at work is
Time Pressure
Other People
Other (specify)
The most important thing I want to learn in this workshop is
How to manage people better
How to manage my stress better
How to manage paper better
Other (specify)
My biggest challenge managing people is... Please give an example*
My biggest challenge managing paper is... Please give an example*
My biggest challenge managing stress is... Please give an example*
I would like to learn better communication skills*
A Yes
B No
I would like to know how to handle conflict constructively*
A Yes
B No
One management or stress area I hope you will address is*
One thing I think you should know before your workshop with us is*
When the workshop is over I want to be able to*
Additional comments