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Take the 'Labor' Out of Your Life

On a Personal Note....

I found a great way to take some labor out of my life this week! After talking with a friend about how he uses a voice recognition program to dictate client notes, I decided to invest in Dragon Naturally Speaking. Now I can dictate my upcoming books and articles while the Dragon types them for me instantly. What Fun!

Question: Can a Princess Love the Dragon & a Prince? ; )


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(1) Tip

Scale Down Your 'To-Do' List
What are you passionate about accomplishing by the end of this year?
Select your top daily action based on your priorities.
Keep what is most important to you at the top of the daily to-do list.
Read this month's article & steps to find out what to do with the rest of the list ; )

Attend the EFT Workshops to tap away your inclinations for distraction, procrastination and frustration that stop you from staying focused on your priorities.

(2) Quote

"Motivation is an external, temporary high that pushes you forward.
Inspiration is a sustainable internal glow which pulls you forward."

Thomas Leonard

(3) Action

Stop 'Shoulding' on Your Self
When you hear your inner critic saying, "You should know better, You should have been more focused, you should..."

Say, "STOP!"

Substitute curiosity for criticism, "I wonder why I chose to do that, I wonder what I am feeling right now that makes me want to procrastinate, I wonder...."
Curiosity opens your perspective to new insight & supports living in the present moment.

(4) Spotlight on You

Yvonne Lane, RN used the De-Stress ToolBoxTM to de-stress, took the EFT classes and now, shares what she learned with others!

"I truly appreciate this De-Stressing ToolBox! It came at the perfect time for me. After attending the level 1 EFT classes, I proposed to teach a class. Getting my audience/class together has been a little challenging, but it is scheduled this Friday! Now, I am fortified and energized to share all that I have learned. Thank you so much!!!" Yvonne Lane, RN

Let's feature YOU in the next De-Stress Tips & News!

Tell us how De-Stressing with our products, workshops or coaching has helped you.

E-mail your De-Stress results to Aila at

(5) Q & A

Q - With the children going back to school, I will have extra time on my hands. What is an easy way to stay focused and motivated on healthy eating habits?

A - Notice what you are eating. Become more aware of what foods & beverages make you feel energized within the hour after you consume them and which ones make you feel more tired. We are each unique. What energizes you is generally going to help you feel great about yourself. When you feel good,you are more inclined to keep the momentum moving in that direction and take action on what is important to you. You will tend to continue healthy habits when you are aware of exactly how they support your life & happiness!

(6) Article

De-Stress Your To-Do List
Every fall, I began to feel the constricted pressure of having too much to do and no time to get it all done. One year, I had an epiphany about why this happened and what to do about it. read the article...

To-Do List De-Stress Steps:
1. Look at Your Extensive To-Do List
2. Ask: "If I disappear, am in the hospital,or die tomorrow .... Who would do this?"

If the answer is:
a) Name would do it - Delegate the task
b) No one would do it - Ask, "Why am I doing it?"

If the answer to this question is:
1) I Love It! - Keep doing it with a happy heart ~
2) I inherited it/Its a habit - Let it Go (Release it)

Learn how to tap away old habits!
Register for the upcoming EFT Workshops
Bring a guest to Level 1 at no additional cost

Say "Yes" to what is yours to do.
To what is not, say "No,Thank You"
Live the Life You Love!

© 2008 Aila Accad

(7) Upcoming Events:

EFT Level 1 & 2 Workshops - Charleston, WV
Level 1 - September 26
Level 2 - September 27-28

(8) Links & Resources

De-Stress ToolBox September Special Just for You
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