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Fear and stress tax your immune system and increase your risk for dis-ease or illness.  The best defense against colds, flu and other dreaded diseases is a good offense! 

In this issue I want to share with you some ways to decrease physical stress and strain and take charge of your health again.

Your body only needs five elements to stay well food, air, water, sun and rest.  When it has these elements its own repair mechanism can restore health. 

Unfortunately, much of our modern lifestyle and medicine actually suppresses your immune system and the repair mechanisms needed to restore health. 

Knowledge of these mechanisms has helped me to take daily actions that keep me well and slow down the aging process.  I share my personal wellness routine with you in the first article today and a movie recommendation.

The second article is a letter I received from a dear friend, who eloquently describes how your beliefs translate directly into health or illness.   At the end I've included some videos that show you the science behind this phenomena.

Let me know your thoughts on this issue and your personal tips for staying well!

Warm :)))


My Wellness Routine   Revealed

I'm one of those people who almost never get "sick", recover quickly and look and feel younger than my age. The older I get chronologically, the more convinced I am that the daily routine I'm about to share with you is the reason....Read More

 Exploring the Mind-Body Connection 
Many of you have heard me talk John Ray ND, Father of Body Electronics, whom I took classes from for 15 years.  I consider him genius to this day and have yet to prove him wrong in anything he... Read More
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."      

              Thomas Edison

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