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Relationship Stress

De-Stress Tips & News
Relationship Stress

Relationships ~ whether romantic, family, friends or co-workers are the most stressful part of our lives.
I've discovered employing just two principles will improve any relationship.  They are Equality and Uniqueness

Keep in mind that everyone sees, hears and perceives everything uniquely and that everyone has the equal right and responsibility to make their own choices.  This helps you let go of trying to control others, which instantly reduces stress.

While this is a simple concept to grasp, it is challenging to implement.  Below you will find an article on Five Ways to Improve Your Relationships using these principles and some videos on my FAVORITE Quick Tip #21 ~ Tap On It!  to release stress reactions and old conditioning that interfers with having the wonderful relationships we all want.



 Five Ways to Improve Relationships
The most difficult stressor for most of us is other people. We often blame other people for our feelings, thoughts and choices we feel forced to make. The truth is... Read More

Tap On It!

Release the tension and old conditioning around your relationship with yourself and others with EFT.  Watch the videos and try it for yourself!    See More

“Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life.”  
                    Leo Buscaglia


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