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Stress Eating

De-Stress Tips & News
Stress Eating

Do you use food to cope with stress, boredom, procrastination or other emotional triggers?
When I worked in the addiction field we had an acronym to remind people of the vulnerable conditions that can trigger relapse.  It's "HALT", a warning to never get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  

These are the conditions that put us in a vulnerable place, where we go on auto pilot and grab for old comforting behaviors that once soothed those states. 

Because we are reacting rather than thinking, we try to fill the inner emotional emptiness with food, usually comfort food.

I don't know about you, but using comfort foods to handle my emotional stress did not solve the problem and actually made me gain weight and feel worse later.  Thus, compounding the stress.

The solution involves increasing your conscious awareness of how your body alerts you to impending stressful conditions.  Once you are aware of the real issue, you can address the cause or pattern.  Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping or other appropriate solution, rather than temporarily soothing the symptoms. 

Symptoms tend to recur in patterns.  Becoming aware of these patterns is the key to releasing them permanently.
Diet and exercise are great ways to control weight when underlying issues and patterns are not involved.  But in my experience, when you find yourself in a revolving pattern of yo-yo dieting, underlying issues must be addressed in order to achieve a permanent solution.

I have a great program to release weight permanently that is premiering this week.  It is called "Weight No More."  Check out the Free Telephone Seminars this week, where I will share information and tips for permanent weight release.

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“I would recommend the program to everyone.”

”Looking back over thepast year I believe it has taken a combination of things to get me to the pointof my being willing to lose weight.  If any one component had been missingI would not have lost 27 pounds (so far).   I am very glad I took theWeight No More TeleCoaching Program.  I would recommend the program to everyone.”     Betty Warren

Weight No More TeleCoaching Program
for Permanent Weight Release!
   Starts September 6  

   Free Introductory TeleSeminars
Tuesday, August 24,  7 - 8 PM
Friday, August 27,  12 noon - 1 PM
(you get the recording, even if you can't make the calls)

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"The Weight No More classes are very helpful.  I have released 3lbs. this week after being sick and doing no weight lifting. I gettickled when I think about releasing rather than losing.  I’m doing much better – not out ofcontrol.  I cut my eating way down, whilestill eating what I want and I'm enjoying exercising."  
Lynn Gunnoe


Free Weight No More TeleClasses for permanent weight release 

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