De-Stress Tips and News
Food & Stress

De-Stress Tips & News
Food & Stress

You know the adage - You are what you eat...

It's true!  I can tell a huge difference in my energy level, mood and thought processes when I change what I eat.   Ever since I made the change to eating more organic, whole foods; fruits, vegetables and meat, my energy and health has skyrocketed!  And, people tell me I look younger & more radiant.

Supplements are still a mainstay!  You can't eat enough high quality foods today to get all the nutrients you need.  This is especially challenging when you are eating less to maintain optimum weight.

The big reason quality food matters is that your body needs to work much harder to process modern food.  Added salt, sugar, artificial ingredients, and chemicals from processing & insecticides not only require more energy; they also directly affect thinking and mood.  You can find more details on this in the Body Chapter of "34 Instant Stress-Busters."

If you are feeling tired, anxious, depressed or just more stressed, take a look at what you are eating.  Make an adjustment and observe the difference. 

A microwaving tip ...
Once I had a 28 year old client who was suddenly diagnosed with MS.  She was devastated!  After recommending natural supplements, I sent her to a naturopath for additional evaluation.  He asked her how much she microwaved.  She said, "Everything"... morning oatmeal, lunch at work & individually packaged dinners at night.

He told her to stop microwaving for 2 weeks...ALL of her symptoms disappeared!  She had the symptoms of starvation.  We learned that microwaving changes the chemical composition of food, so your body does not recognize it as food & cannot process it.

Eat better food and see what happens.  You will look & feel less stressed and have more healthy vitality!

Warm :)))

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PS.  Contact me about the natural supplements I've taken daily for 15 years.  Check out "Slim" to balance cholesterol, blood sugar, reduce fat and more.

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