De-Stress Tips and News
Holiday Stress

De-Stress Tips & News
Holiday Stress 
Hi ,

“Stress is choosing to do battle with the Now.”  Eckart Tolle

'Tis the season of Peace, Joy, Love.... Then why is this the season of added stress for so many people?

When you pile on a Holiday to-do list to everything else you are doing it is easy to get 'wrapped up' in more stress than peace.

One year I was so consumed by the tasks that the holiday lost its sense of deeper meaning.  I wrote a poem to capture that feeling.  You can read it along with other Holiday Stress

One of my favorite holiday to-dos now is Focusing on the Present.  Every moment of preparation is a moment of love and gratitude taking form.  Realize the holiday is not a goal or destination.  Even though there is a designated date for celebration, it is in the moments of loving joy that contribute to creating that day where your holiday is lived - moment by moment.

You live these moments through your senses - sight, heaing, smell, taste, touch and the feelings & meaning you attach to those experiences.  Become more mindful this season by taking sensory 'snap-shots', like 3-D photos periodically. 

Here are some ideas...

When you are in a store hustling through shopping, or feeling tension mount as you wait in a long checkout line, take a deep breath, relax, look around at the colors, listen to the sounds, feel the support of the earth under your feet, tap into your heart, feel the love & gratitude you have for the people you are preparing to gift with your purchases and smile. 

Decrease overeating by taking a moment before putting food on your plate to appreciate how it looks & smells.  When you take your first bite, feel the texture in your mouth, taste it, chew slowly and notice all the qualities of enjoyment in eating it.  When you take time to taste & embrace those first bites, you'll feel more satisfied & 'filled' with delight.  Slowing down also allows your stomach to register the food & you can notice when your are full.

Create the holiday feeling you want this season by deciding to capture "snap-shots" of experience that you can treasure for years to come.

I’m visioning a Very Happy Holiday for you and your loved ones!

Love & Warm :)))
signature aila

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"I grew up in a gentler, slower time.  When Ike was president, Christmases were years apart, and now it's about five months from one to the next." 
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