De-Stress Tips and News
The Stress of Perfection

De-Stress Tips & News
The Stress of Perfection

Practice Makes Perfect!  Or did you learn that PERFECT practice makes perfect?

Here's the catch!  You also know full well that "Nobody's Perfect".   Now THERE is a "Catch 22" for you.... 

The conflict between striving for an ideal and the reality of never being able to achieve it creates relentless stress.  Over time, this conflict results in feeling defeated, frustrated, hopeless, powerless and afraid.  Continuously striving for perfection wastes time and energy.  It is a no win proposition.  

A few quick tips:

Do a Reality Check - Recognize that you have NO control over anything outside yourself.  Take time to reflect and observe.  What energizes you?  What do you value?  Act on choices that are important to you.

Focus on the Present - Waiting too long for conditions to be perfect before acting or criticizing your choices afterward wastes precious time and energy and stops you from getting what you really want.

Stop "Shoulding" on Yourself - A helpful strategy when you hear the words ‘should’ or ‘should not’ is to ask, “Who made that up?”   Most of your beliefs were handed down through many generations and need to be updated for current times.

Focus on What You Want
- Be grateful for what is RIGHT in your life instead of what's not perfect.  A perspective of appreciation energizes and attracts more of what you want.

Break the Perfection Myth by focusing on what you CAN control in this moment, letting go of negative self-talk, and noticing what’s “right” with you and your life, so you can have what you want - a happy, stress free life of excellence

Warm :)))
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PS.  Watch for my new (soon to be released) "Breaking the Perfection Myth" program.  I can hardly wait to share this with you!

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"Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing."  Harriet Braiker

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