De-Stress Tips and News
Building Strength

De-Stress Tips & News
Building Strength 

You have heard the adage...

             “The best defense is a good offense."
Today, I want share actions you can take to protect & support your physical health as you face environmental stressors that are outside your control.

Your immune system is continuously being stressed by physical challenges from:
  •     Chemicals & toxins in the air, water & food, 
  •     Exposure to super bugs
  •     Over use of anti-biotics & pesticides in food
  •     Over use of prescription medications
  •     Radiation from microwaves, computers, cell
             phones & medical screenings & treatments
  •     And more...
There are two ways to Stress-Bust these challenges:
      Decrease Exposure and Increase Strength

Decreasing Exposure is not always easy or possible, so Increasing Strength may be your best offense in these situations!

  Tips to Increase Strength:

         Eat whole, raw, local, organic foods and...
         Take balanced, water soluble supplements daily
             (I've used these products for 18 years)
         Normalize blood sugar with Slim
         Move at least 10 minutes every hour
         Get 10-15 minutes of real Sun daily (as possible)
         Increase exposure to fresh air that's cleansed by
              trees (outloors) or plants (indoors)
         Use EFT tapping to reduce cortisol levels from
              stress (new published research on this soon)
         Look for what is going "right" in your life
         Use natural products (avoid chemicals for cleaning
               and daily hygiene routines)

   A few ways You can Decrease Exposure are by: 
        Getting Thermagrams instead of Mammograms
        Keeping your cell phone away from your body as
              much as possible.
        Reducing Microwaving
I am visioning a strong immune system for you as you face the daily environmental stresses you cannot avoid.

Love & Warm :)))
signature aila

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." 
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