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Thanks Giving
On a Personal Note....
It occured to me one Thanksgiving, that things were
not pleasant, not the way I wanted.  I was not grateful
for the conflicts, the irritations, the limitations in my life.
It was that year I learned the essence of gratitude.  Not
the gratitude for having what I thought I wanted, or a
smooth road ahead, but for the benefit of all the things I
didn't want. 
If that sounds a little strange and stressful to you,
be sure to read this month's article.  How can you
have gratitude in any situation? 
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 (1)    Tip 

 Go on a Rampage of Appreciation ~
   Start a "Rampage of Appreciation" each morning.  Give 
   thanks for all the little things, running water and a towel 
   for taking your shower; toothbrush and toothpaste for 
   brushing your teeth; indoor plumbing, a car that will get 
   you where you have to be; an alarm clock to wake 
   you or just waking to a new day; having a warm bed.... 
   You will be surprised at how your day glows, just by 
   feeling grateful for these simple things.
   (2)   Quotes
                  "The Pilgrims made seven times more graves 
                  than huts. No Americans have been more 
                  impoverished than these who, nevertheless, 
                  set aside a day of thanksgiving."
    H. U. Westermayer

               "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 
                  "thank you," that would suffice."  Meister Eckhart
(3)  Action
 Keep a Gratitude Journal          
          Get a small note pad and pen to put beside your
          bed at night. Write five things you are grateful for 
          each day before you fall asleep. The unconscious 
          mind believes what you feed it. Feed it gratitude 
          before sleep and watch your life change.
          Release the barriers to feeling gratitude~
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(4)  Spotlight on You 
             Becky Farley is a Reiki Master and Retired School Teacher, 
             who regularly attends the Women's Retreats.  She completed
             EFT Level I, and uses The De-Stress ToolBox.  Here is what
             shared about the 'Visioning Your Best Year' Woman's Retreat~
             "When we first started on the Vision Boards at the Women's 
             Retreat, I didn't see how it would make a difference.  As I got 
             into it, I really enjoyed the process.  My Vision Board is hanging 
             in my walk-in closet where I see it every morning and evening.  It 
             is like creatively visualizing what I want to bring about each day.  
             Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my vision.  It has made 
             a huge difference in keeping me focused on what I want to 
             accomplish,and I am seeing the results manifesting in my life.

             We all need to de-stress our lives so that we can get down 
             to the real business of living our lives with true freedom. True 
             freedom comes from within, when we finally rid ourselves of 
             fear and stress. Aila has the ability to help us toward that goal.


             As long as we are in a human body, we will have some fear, stress 
             and frustration, but having the tools to deal with these makes all the 
             difference.  These skills are literally worth their weight in gold."
             Becky Farley
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 (5)  Q & A

             Q -   What is the best way to stay in a "Gratitude" mode for the 
                     holidays when you are so stressed over shopping for everyone, 
                     trying to decide on the menu, finding the time to do everything 
                     that needs done, and not having enough money to buy what you 
                     want, etc.!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!
              A -   STOP!  Take a moment to breathe, feel your feet on the ground
                     and notice the moment.  Reflect on something you appreciate
                     about the person for whom you are shopping.  What gift would
                     speak to a special quality you see in them?  This gift will have
                     meaning for both of you that goes well beyond the price of the 

                     When preparing food for the holiday,  take time to be present in 
                     the preparation.  Notice the smells, textures and colors of what 
                     you are preparing.  Put the appreciation for what are preparing 
                     into the food.  Your loving intention is a vibration that enters the 
                     cells of the food and every person who eats that food.  What you 
                     are doing in preparing the meal has meaning beyond the contents 
                     and calories consumed.  
                     Read about my experience with some extraordinary green peppers.    

                     Allow your holiday preparation to be as special for you as the 
                     holiday itself!
(6)   Article
                    This month's article is a prayer I wrote one year 
                    when things were not going very well. 

                     On Thanks Giving 

              "If it had been as I intended, I wouldn't have 
                        the peace I know." (Carole King, Long Ago)
                      Thank you God, for giving me, in your eternal wisdom, 
                              the gifts I need.
                      For lack of acknowledgment when praise was the 
                              goal of my work
                      For illness when mobility and health are taken for granted
                      For the death of someone close when the events of this 
                              world seem all important
                      For my defects and faults, since it is most often through 
                              need that I grow closer to my brothers and sisters.
                      Thanks so very much for the times I am hurt, 
disappointments and changes in plans - because my 
                          greatest experiences of growth, by some strange chance, 
                          seem to occur at these times. 
                      I am most grateful for the awareness that "good" and "bad" 
                           are man's values.
                     Thank you, Lord for this day. 
                     What ever your will is for me, I know it is good!

                                                                                        © 2008 Aila Accad


            Release the barriers to feeling gratitude~
            Register for the upcoming EFT Workshops
            Bring a guest to Level 1 at no additional cost
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Women's Retreat, Visioning Your Best Year! January 10, 2009, Charleston, WV
EFT 1 & 2, January 16, 17-18, 2009, Holiday Inn Express Civic Center, Charleston
'Weight No More' TeleCoaching Group ~ Starts January, details in December Tips & News.
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