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Holiday Humbugs

On a Personal Note....

One year I had such awful Holiday Humbugs that I wrote a poem about it.

In this issue of De-Stress Tips & News, I share that poem along with some of my favorite ways to handle the stresses that trigger 'Holiday Humbugs' ; )

I'm Holding a Holiday Vision for Less Humbug and Lots of Ho, Ho, Ho for All This Season !

May Your Holiday be Full Peace~Full, Joy~Full, & Ease~Full

:)) Aila

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(1) Tip

Let the Sun Shine ~

Here's an exercise that I have found to be beneficial when feeling the blues or "hum-bugs", especially this time of year.

The first thing upon awakening, the last thing at night, or anytime during the day - take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes and visualize the sun beaming down on you. You will be amazed how this will affect your entire day.

When the days get shorter there is less sunshine and a chemical imbalance happens. Visualizing the sun beaming on you imitates the real thing and makes you feel more alive.

(2) Quotes

"It is always the simple that produces the marvelous." Amelia Barr

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them." George Bernard Shaw

(3) Action

Be Mindful of the Moments

When you are feeling rushed or caught up in the busy-ness of the holiday season. Stop! Take a deep breath and notice the sights, sounds, fragrance, texture of that moment. Why are you doing the activity (shopping, wrapping, cooking...)? What meaning or significance does it have for you?

Find the true value in the moment and feel the joy of this season, moment by moment ~

Release the barriers to being present in the moment~
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(4) Spotlight on You

Linda Bess is a Reiki Master, Administrative Assistant, Enlightenment Seeker and Feng Shui Enthusiast. She has this to say about the Women's Retreats, Guided Meditations, The De-Stress ToolBox™ techniques & EFT:

"Aila has miraculously inspired and motivated me in many ways. When I first met her, several years ago, I was an emotional mess. With the help of her patience and inspiration, I am now a much calmer, more focused, more powerful woman. Aila's techniques and methods for de-stressing have enhanced my life beyond belief.

Aila's Guided Meditation CD's have been very beneficial to me. The music and her soothing voice transcend you into a meditative, relaxed state. You feel a connection and a difference after the first one.

The EFT techniques are unbelievable. The simple, easy self-technique brings about calmness. A one-on-one EFT session with Aila is phenomenal. Words cannot describe the experience - You have to experience it to realize the full benefits.

I have also attended Aila's fantastic Women's Retreats since January 2006 and have not missed many. The topics; the discussions; the surroundings and atmosphere of the Retreat Center; the feelings of connection; are all amazing.

At the Retreats you are able to experience a relaxed, enlightening day for yourself. You can open-up and express yourself OR just sit back and listen to others. It is "YOUR" day. You hear ideas, etc. that just seem to speak to you. If you decide to express yourself, someone invariably says, "that is just what I needed to hear" or "I never looked at it that way". It gives you a feeling of empowerment - that something you have to say is important. If you decide to attend a Retreat, it will be an experience you will long remember. The food is great, too...LOL.

Thank you, Aila, for the sharing of your knowledge and for being the caring person you are."

Linda Bess

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(5) Q & A

Q - The holiday season seems to bring memories of past holidays; whether good, sad, or bad ones. The bad/sad ones always seem to have the greatest impact and bring out the "blues". I know I need to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas to bring the joy back into my heart. I need tips on getting rid of those "blues" as fast as possible, before my holiday season becomes another bad/sad memory.

A - Your question relates to grief. Whether it is the loss of loved ones or loss of the dream of the perfect holiday, holidays can trigger unresolved grief. Here are a few suggestions: Acknowledge your feelings rather than trying to push them away or pretend they are not real. Also, have compassion for yourself rather than judge yourself for having these feelings. You loved and you dreamed ~ nothing wrong with that. What else can you do? EFT can help you shift your mood quickly. Also, you can journal your feelings onto paper or talk your feelings out with a confidant or coach. You may want to have a little ceremony or ritual to acknowledge what you learned from the past and release what you no longer need. Consult your heart and your intuition to know what approach will work best for you.

(6) Article

3 Keys to Holiday Stress Relief

Do you ever wonder why we cram so many demands on ourselves into one short time period called 'The Holidays'? One hectic holiday season my wonder turned into a poem. read more....

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Progoff Journaling Workshops
Morgantown, WV, Feb. 28 - March 1, 2009 I love this Journaling Method, check it out!
For Details Contact Dr. Judith Wilkinson at

'Caleea the Cristmas Camel' by Julia Sadd
A touching story with a great message
get a copy at

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