De-Stress Tips and News 6

 Relationship Stress
   On a Personal Note....
   Have you seen the Valentine's Day protests?
   Kids, parents, significant others, neighbors,
   co-workers - Nothing seems to stress us more
   than other people! 
   I had a stressful encounter this month with
   someone who took something I said as a
   personal insult.
   No matter how I tried to help them understand
   that what
they heard was not the intent of my
   message, it did not work.
   The more I talked, the more the other person
   took every word as an insult.  
   It was so frustrating, because I would never
   intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. 
   Using my relationship stress tools and
I was able to weather this
   interpersonal storm with less stress and
   more acceptance and understanding.
   I'm so glad to have these strategies and
   delighted to share them with you in this
   issue of De-Stress Tips and News.
   I'm visioning peaceful relationships!


   :)) Aila

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 (1)   Tip

         Let Go of Who is Right or Wrong  
            Every person is unique and has unique 
            experiences that shape understanding. 
            Just because we may speak the same 
            language, English for example, does not 
            guarantee that we understand words and 
            expressions in the same way.  In fact, 
            none of us understands
anything in 
            exactly the same way. 

            When a relationship or communication 
            exchange is going smoothly, it may be 
            because our meanings and understandings 
            are close enough.  When those meanings 
            are far apart, conflict can occur.  The words 
            or expression of them not only don't' mean 
            the same thing; they can be completely 
            Who is right? Who is wrong?  Arguing this 
            point will not resolve the misunderstanding. 
            You must realize that you have no control 
            over the other person's interpretation or 
            choice to continue to be angry, insulted, 
            or disengaged.  You only have control of 
            your intention, message and reactions. 
            Take charge of your end of the exchange 
            and let go of trying to be right in the other
            person's mind.
            Try to see their perspective if you can. 
            Realize that they are right from their
            There are no winners or losers in a 
            relationship.  Only people who choose 
            to learn through sharing their different 
 (2)   Quotes          
            "Find the person who will love you because 
            of your differences and not in spite of them 
            and you have found a lover for life."
                                                      Leo Buscaglia
"Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as 
            if they were going to be dead by midnight. 
            Extend to them all the care, kindness and 
            understanding you can muster, and do so with 
            no thought of any reward. Your life will never be 
            the same again."                        Og Mandino
  (3)  Action   
        Ask for Feedback          
            When you are in a conversation this week, 
            ask for feedback from the other person(s) 
            about how they heard what you just said.  

            Do not pick a particularly contentious 
            conversation. Any general discussion 
            will do.
            Let the other person know that you are 
            not testing them. Rather, share that you 
            are exploring the different ways people 
            hear and understand the same information. 
            Be curious and open to the other person's view.
            Resist the urge to correct their view.
            Prepare to be amazed!
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 (4)  Spotlight on You 
            Craig Wilger has many talents and interests 
            and a wonderful sense of humor and adventure! 
            He is a certified building biologist and licensed
            massage therapist, who has a passion for 
            sustainable environments and bodies.  He created
            two businesses Fresh Indoors, specializing in 
            improving indoor environmental quality in homes 
            and businesses and Back in Harmony, providing
            body work, tools and Body Flexible™ workshops
            that empower people to release tightness in their 
            own muscles and connective tissues for a lifetime
            of strength and pliability.       
            Here are Craig's reflections on business coaching
            with Aila:
           "From my perspective and based on my experience, 
            Aila Accad's ability to really help entrepreneurs 
            develop successful enterprises comes from the fact 
            that she's been involved in the human potential 
            movement for several decades. She's done her own 
            work in this area. So, unlike many others who can 
            provide you with a business plan template or give 
            advice on marketing, she can also assist with the 
            emotional changes that sometimes must precede 
            real financial breakthroughs and those that inevitably 
            come with the accumulation of wealth. 

            We all know people who are rich financially but 
            bankrupt in the spiritual or emotional arenas. This is 
            only a partial success. Aila can lead you up the 
            mountain - not simply point to the top and say, 
            "There it is, go for it". 

            I would recommend Aila to anyone truly wanting 
            to truly be rich on all levels, financial, emotional 
            and spiritual."                       

             Craig Wilger
             You can reach Craig at
             wilgerca at   
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 (5)  Q & A

  How do you deal with co-workers who are rude or 
                ignore you?

  Here are a few ways you might view or approach 
               this situation.
               First, identify your feelings about the other 
               person's behavior. Are you offended, hurt, 
               feeling affronted or left out? Where are you 
               feeling this in your body? Does the feeling 
               remind you of a person or situation from earlier 
               in your life? Do you frequently have encounters 
               with rude people? EFT can be tremendously 
               helpful to relieve the stressful reactions and 
               uncover possible connections to early life 
               experiences that may be old patterns.
               Second, think about what words or behaviors 
               the other person is exhibiting that "feel" rude to 
               you. Could there be another interpretation for their 
               behavior. For example, could they be insecure, 
               introverted, prefer to be quiet or just not talkative? 
               Accept that you do not know what is behind their 
               behavior. Opening your perspective can help to 
               see other possibilities that might change your 
               Third, if it is important that you have a better 
               working relationship with this person you may 
               want to consider having a conversation with 
               them about your perception. Be sure to focus 
               on concrete behaviors and statements that 
               concern you. Rather than saying, "I noticed 
               you are being rude or ignoring me." You would 
               be better to note, "Yesterday, when you walked 
               by me without saying hello, I felt ignored.  I want 
               to have a good working relationship with you, so 
               can you help me understand your reason for not 
               speaking to me?"  In this way, you are identifying 
               a concrete behavior, taking responsibility for your 
               feeling and intention, and requesting information. 

               It is important to speak with the tone of wanting to 
               understand, not accusation.
 (6)   Article
         Five Tips to De-Stress Relationships 
         The most difficult stressor for most of us is other people. 
         We often blame other people for our feelings, thoughts 
         and choices we feel forced to make. The truth is other 
         people are not responsible for any of these things.
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