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from Aila Accad, RN, "Your Stress-Busters Coach" 
De-Stress Tips & News
Holiday Stress Tips


It's the Holiday Season again.  What feelings do the winter holidays conger up in you?  Peace, love, joy; disappointment, depression, anxiety; or just the overall stress of trying to get it all done and done right?  

I changed my approach to the holidays after one particularly frustrating season when I wrote this poerm.

Christmas Joy

I say and hear the words anew
each year at Christmas time
of brotherhood, of joy and love
and Jesus born again.

The meaning’s hard to find at times
among the season’s trappings
dare I forget some cookies, guests,
presents, food or wrappings.

Where is the joy I ask myself
in Santa here so early,
in going shopping with a smile
returning mean and burly,

in stuffing the bird before the meal,
the stuffed people groaning after,
in giving a gift knowing deep down
it’s not quite what they wanted,

in being too drained for reaching out
no time for rest around…
They say that suicide is high
depression often found.

Where is the joy I ask myself
while drinking more dry wine,
I know it’s here to be found
soon as I find the time.
                Aila Accad  

When I wrote this poem, it became clear that focusing on accomplish ing all the “stuff” to set up the holiday did not create the ideal day I expected.  What is the solution to having too much to do and not enough time to create the “perfect” holiday?

I have included two articles below for you that can help focus your attention and encourage you to make changes in perspective and
past traditions that are no longer serving the purpose they once intended.  

The Holidays tend to fling your thoughts back and forth into the past and future.  Staying present to make clear choices in the moment about what you want to do and how you want to feel just takes a little conscious intention, awareness and choice.  

I'm enVisioning the Very Best Holiday Season Ever for You!

Warm :)))
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Holiday Stress Tips


Although the holidays can be a time and stress challenge, even the busiest person can create a special feeling this holiday season with a little forethought, flexibility and creativity.

Here are four ideas that can help... Read More

  Can You Change   Holiday Traditions?  
Kay called yesterday.  She was stressed about the impending holiday season, she complained, “I’m planning that darn Christmas Eve dinner.”  She is experiencing this once welcomed tradition as a dreaded event.  “Can you change traditions? She asked.”  ...Read More
"This moment is yours to use, but only if you use it now, while it's here. Fill it with value and meaning before you send it on its way."               Ralph Marston
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