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The De-Stress ToolBox™
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Life seems to be getting more stressful every day at home and at work.

Go beyond stress management to DE-STRESSING.

In these energizing sessions, you will learn the single cause of ALL stress and relate this to what stresses you.

You will be amazed to see how changing one belief cannot only De-Stress you; it can improve your happiness, energy, relationships and health.

You will have De-Stressing Power Tools you can use every day and teach to others, including an amazing ‘instant’ De-Stress technique.

Most important, you will have fun, feel relaxed and have new skills to gain more control of your stress and your life.

"I was amazed! Everything she said hit home. This is what I needed. Thank You & Bless You !!!"
Virginia Kennedy

"Today was very educational and informative for me. I cannot wait to apply these skills with my husband. First, I love the part about “What is my Gift” for I am constantly questioning myself as to my true gift in life. These questions answered so much for me. Thank You!! I now know what energizes me! I am truly in the right profession. Also, the ‘Relationship Supporter’ helped me realize that I want to work on being in the “A” position because I am currently floating in the “P” position. I am a model at work for perfection."
Linda Henson
Social Worker
Mingo County Board of Education

"I have the right to strive for my own image, not the one instilled in me by others."
Charlotte Ferrell Smith

"This was a thought provoking and informative seminar. Although most of the material was familiar, it made me think about it in a different way."
Lynn T Gunnoe,RN
Business Owner

What's in The De-Stress ToolBox™?

The KEY to De-Stressing
Unlock Your ToolBox with this surprise KEY!

Tool #1 The Stress Sorter
Powerful First Step in De-Stressing any situation!

Tool #2 The Mind Shifter
Break free of the 'Perfection Myth' & experience 'Belief Relief'!

Tool #3 The Relationship Supporter
A tool to empower equality & respect in ALL Relationships!

Tool #4 The Emotional Soother
Instant stress relief tool!

ALSO Comes with a De-Stress ToolBox Action Guide
containing exercises, stories, quotes, journaling questions, and more

"Aila Accad’s de-stressing techniques are amazingly empowering. Her teaching is very enthusiastic and energizing. Thank You, Aila!"
J.E. Hamilton
Lawyer and Mediator

"This ToolBox concept to all the de-stressing techniques is very helpful. The simple methods are so easy to use and do. Being mindful and aware are the key to staying focused and truly changing old patterns. Aila… you are a gift."
Denise Chiartas,RN
Charleston Area Medical Center

"Thought-provoking… Enervating… Empowering…
Tools for recharging your life, energies and core being."

Susan Harman

"It was a great feeling to learn to give myself permission to be myself. Pain of past experiences do not control my present."
Janet L. Hamilton
Retired Teacher and current Preschool Worker

"Enjoyed your program very much, will put your comments to work. Thanks"
Juanita Auer
State Banking Department

By opening The De-Stress ToolBox™ you will:

• Know the #1 reason for all stress

• Have an action system to sort your stresses and know exactly what to do about them

• Practice a powerful instant stress relief technique that you can use every day

• Have a technique to release trapped stress in your body and energy system

• Be able to identify old thinking that supports your stress and learn new thinking that supports your happiness and health

• Have a model for stronger and happier relationships

• Reconnect with your purpose and passion for life

• Have a model for supporting your life path

"I really enjoyed the presentations and handouts. I feel like it will assist me greatly with dealing with daily stress. I feel confident as well as relieved now that I have experienced the De-Stress ToolBox."
Lisa L. Bell
Business Owner, Therapeutic Consultant

"Really like the sharing of personal experiences. I learned how to control myself when my husband and daughter push my buttons. Also, how to feel better than good! I’m marvelous."
Cindy Birchfield
State Treasurer’s Office

"I truly appreciate this De-Stress ToolBox! It came at the perfect time for me.... Now, I am fortified and energized to share all that I have learned. Thank you so much!!!"
Yvonne Lane, RN
Charleston Area Medical Center

"This has been a valuable class & I enjoyed it. Thank you. You have given me a great gift today. It would be wonderful if all children could hear this workshop."
Erma E Harris
Retired Realtor

"Interesting, informative, validating. Your workshop aligns beautifully with my beliefs. A wonderfully uplifting learning experience."
Karen Marshall
English Teacher
New Age Health Talk

The De-Stress ToolBox™
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4 DVD De-Stress Tools Program PLUS De-Stress ToolBox Action Guide

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Relaxing Your Body & Mind Guided Meditation MP3
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Contains Exquisite Guided Meditation with Original Music plus an additional track with just the music to download onto your computer or IPod

"Thank you for putting it all together for us. This was much more than a de-stressing workshop. It was a lesson on self-worth, self-empowerment, and living life to the fullest."
Becky Farley

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"Excellent Presentation!... Keep up the good work!"
Rick Pemberton
New Age Health Talk

"This is one of the two occasions when my attention was totally absorbed. I wish for it not to end. The first was when you gave a similar 'de-stress' program at CAMC."
Eva Racadag,RN
Charleston Area Medical Center

"I feel better about myself. I think I have some tools to use when I leave here to help me de-stress."
Ramona Allen-Ramsey
Logan Corp, President, American Business Women’s Association WV Chapter

"I must say that when you introduced the Emotional Soother, I though “Oh, Please!” But I am now a believer! It brought my lower back pain from a level 6 to 0 in a matter of 5 minutes. No small feat… Aila gave us life-changing information with dignity, compassion and humor. Three and a half hours flew by. I guarantee that you, as a participant will go away with a feeling of accomplishment and contentment."
Donna Walker
ABA Therapist
(works with Autistic children)

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Your Instructor:

With over 40 years of education and experience in the areas of Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Growth, Aila Accad has synthesized a huge amount of information on personal development and relationships into simple principles, powerful tools & techniques that everyone can use and share with others!

Aila is a registered nurse, advanced EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, and founder of LifeQuest International and Get-A-Grip Training and Coaching, which specialize in unique self-growth techniques using creativity, music and visual arts that produce profound and lasting results. Aila is known as 'The De-Stress Maven’~

People who have attended Aila’s life-changing seminars call them “Powerful” “Inspiring” and “Fun.” Her “Breaking the Perfection Myth” video and workbook are used by hundreds of people to transform their lives.

She is the recipient of the prestigious Business and Professional Women’s Business Woman of the Year Award, and is acclaimed as a Distinguished Toastmaster by Toastmasters International.

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