The Call of the Soul
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You have made a wise choice!

The Call of the Soul: A Path to Knowing Your True Self and Your Life's Purpose
shows you how to hear your soul’s call and
renegotiate the relationship between the ego’s fear of change
and the soul’s desire to step fully into your purpose.

Below you will find amazing gifts to support & expand
Your Possibilities!

I am deeply grateful to my wonderful & talented friends
for providing these gifts to you in support of our mutual success.

We all wish you total health, happiness and prosperity!

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Your Gifts!

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From Robert Cuccioli's New
The Look of Love CD

from Robert Cuccioli

Robert Cuccioli, acclaimed actor, Tony Award Nominee for his starring role as Jekyll and Hyde and now starring as the Green Goblin in Spiderman Turn Off the Dark, offers a selection from his newly released CD The Look of Love.

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Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

From Aila Accad's
Guided Meditations Volume One

~ Do you have a question on your mind? Are you looking for direction in your life? Your inner guides may have wisdom to offer you in these situations and in general. Taking the time to be quiet and listen to your own wisdom can reveal the best answers you will ever receive. You are connected to the source of all knowing~
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MP3s and e-books
Mind Power Kit

from Iain & Cyndi at

Get this stunning package of audios and e-books based on break through mind power research ...and discover your FULL potential.

The consciousness revolution has begun..
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