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“If you have ever asked of your life, “Is this all there is?’, then THE CALL OF THE SOUL should be at the top of your reading list. A lack of meaning, direction and purpose in life not only makes us unhappy but unhealthy as well. The best way to fill this emptiness is through the deep wisdom to which Aila Accad leads us in this luminous book.”
Larry Dossey, MD

"“The Call of the Soul is a refreshingly accessible guide for the reader who longs to heed the call to self-expansion. Accad introduces a cast of internal characters, gives us an intimate portrayal of the stars, Soul and Ego, and teaches us how to promote both a loving and expansive relationship between the two. In contrast to advice that attempts to extinguish the ego, Accad shows how the ego’s protective functions can be used in service of – rather than in opposition to – the soul’s purpose. She does this is the gentle manner of a skilled teacher, animating her own interactions with these inner characters and showing us that we, too, can navigate the crooked path of self-transformation.”
Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D., author of Introvert Power:
Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength

"As a student of many books in this genre, this is the first I've read that gave a clear, concise description of the ego/soul relationship in an understandable way. Accented by Aila's personal journey, her struggles and techniques for success make this book relatable to all who read it. I was riveted and finished the "The Call Of The Soul" feeling clearer, more hopeful, energized to change the patterns in my life which have kept me stuck. Closing the last chapter opened a new chapter in my life."
Robert Cuccioli, Tony Nominated Broadway Actor and Singer

"Having known the life-crisis that sends the head spinning, the body stalling, and leaves the soul smothered, Aila Accad has stepped into the light of change! In this, her latest volume; "Call Of The Soul", she takes us through the methodology of listening and responding to the soul's whispering call, until eventually we are hearing it loud and clear! Aila is a regular radio guest of mine. The listener response has been strong and positive regarding her weekly Stress Busting tips! If you're looking for the ultimate self-help book, may I suggest a thorough introduction to your soul, and the help of Aila Accad!"
Ric Cochran, Poet and Radio Show Host

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