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Aila Accad, EFT-ADV
Peak Performance Coach

“Golf is 90% Mental” Jack Nicklaus

How’s Your mental game?

What if…. there was a simple, easy, effective way to:

• Take strokes off your game
• Increase your focus
• Decrease Anxiety and Tension
• Calm the Yips, and Doubts that creep into your mind

All With

• No Extra practices and
• No Extra equipment

What if…. There is a tool that is

• Completely portable and available
• When and where you need it
• On & off the course


It’s a new, cutting edge approach to your inner game that will decrease tension and anxiety, increase focus and take strokes off your game!

It is called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

We all know that the winning edge in any sport is based on the player’s ability to gain control of their inner game.

At last, EFT provides a simple, easy, effective way to

Win Your Inner Game!

You will learn how to use this brand new technique - based upon science and cutting edge “energy psychology" - to instantly reduce anxiety, stress, anger and other negative emotions. Play your best game - whenever you choose.

EFT can also be used to control intrusive thoughts, self-doubt, yips and other unwanted mental reactions and beliefs. Never sabotage your game again and know the pride of peak performance whenever you play.

Pack EFT in your Inner Golf Bag and
watch your score come down!

   To my amazement and delight the immediate result, after three applications of the, technique, was to lower my golf score by ten (10) strokes from mid nineties to mid or low eighties.
   I am now, and have been since using your technique, staying consistently in the low eighties on most courses.
   Thank you for this interesting fun tool.
       Best Regards,
       Gray DeFevere
       Los Angeles, CA

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Get A Grip

#1 Secret
for Winning
Your Inner Game

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