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Guided Meditations

Fair Warning:

~ Regular Use of these Guided Meditations can change your life in wonderful ways ~

"Thank you, Aila! I received your Guided Meditations CDs on Friday and have enjoyed them all weekend. I shared part of one of your meditations with the Unity Sunday School children yesterday and they LOVED it! We all felt so refreshed and inspired in just a few minutes. You and Jack Kennedy are so gifted. Thank you, God, for Aila and Jack!"
Judy Hamilton
"Hi Aila! Thank you so much for the personal attention and support, and the spontaneous gift you gave us at the MS [Multiple Sclerosis] meeting Monday night. It was really a help. No matter how many times I read about or listen to relaxation methods I am still, often more tense than I want to be. Your workshop was a beautiful time and I really enjoyed it. Your presence itself was relaxing and I felt your support all the next day. Paul and I both listened to your CD that night and I have listened to it a couple of times since then; it's so nice to actually feel relaxation."
Thank you
Becky Flaherty, RN

Guided Meditations ~ Six CDs

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Six CD Set ~ Download Only     $59.95

Six CD Set ~ 6 CDs in CD Library Case     $69.95

Individual Downloadable Guided Meditations Only $15.00 each
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1. Relaxing Your Body & Mind (listen to a sample below)


2. Creating Your Sacred Space (listen to a sample below)


3. Accessing Your Inner Wisdom (listen to a sample below)


4. Creating Your Energy Shield (listen to a sample below)


5. Energizing Your Life (listen to a sample below)


6. You Are the Gift (listen to a sample below)


      NEW CD
Meditational Music

This downloadable CD is the six beautiful music tracks composed and performed by Jack Kennedy without the guided meditations. Excellent choice for massage therapists and others who love beautiful music~


About the Artists:

Transforming Voice Tones &
Guided Experiences by Aila Accad

Transcendent Music Composed &
Performed by Jack Kennedy

Impeccable Sound Recording,
Editing & Mixing by Bob Webb
at TreeHouse Recordings

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