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Life Transitions Coaching Program NEW

Are You Feeling...

  • Stuck?
  • Frustrated that old success strategies are not working?
  • Tired of facing the same issues over and over?
  • Stumped over a decision?
  • Upset that the Law of Attraction is not working?
  • Fed up with the weight loss/gain merry-go-round?
  • Stress & pain got you down?
  • Feeling powerless to change your life?

Drop off the Baggage!

I specialize in helping you, a smart, successful person, who has done as much as you can alone and now want an experienced guide to efficiently let go of unconscious patterns that are holding you back, so you can come home to peace, joy, passion and love.

Sessions are just as effective in-person or by phone!

How it Works

When You Release subconscious blocks, stuck energy is freed so you can fully Express Your True Self, Passion & Purpose with ease and joy!~

We do this quickly with the latest techniques and tools
that you will learn & use the rest of your life!

"Hi Aila! I am doing and feeling great since our session. I FEEL more calm and free. AND, we just landed some great new business at my firm, which is bringing in some amazing client work…and revenue. In addition, I’ve lost three pounds. Thank you so much,"

Kathleen DuBois
President and Founder
Progressity, Inc.

Take Your First Step to Freedom

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With "Breakthrough to YOU!" Coaching you will:

  • Get unstuck & feel connected to the flow of life
  • Stop going around in circles & find your direction
  • Connect with your truth, passion & life purpose
  • Reclaim time, energy and momentum
  • Feel healthier, stronger & self-confident
  • Experience unconditional acceptance, & compassion
  • Express your unique talents & abilities
  • Make confident choices
  • Master techniques that you can use for a lifetime
  • Have less stress, more daily enjoyment, satisfying relationships, passion for life, & satisfaction in work

“Based on my experience, Aila Accad’s ability to really help entrepreneurs develop successful enterprises comes from the fact that she’s been involved in the human potential movement for several decades. She’s done her own work in this area. So, unlike many others who can provide you with a business plan template or give advice on marketing, she can also assist with the emotional changes that sometimes must precede real financial breakthroughs and those that inevitably come with the accumulation of wealth. We all know people who are rich financially but bankrupt in the spiritual or emotional arenas. This is only a partial success. Aila can lead you up the mountain - not simply point to the top and say, “There it is, go for it”. I would recommend Aila to anyone wanting to truly be rich on all levels, financial, emotional and spiritual.”

Craig Wilger
Certified Building Biologist, Enviro. Engineer
Business Owner: Fresh Indoors, Back in Harmony

Are You Ready to Be Free?

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I guarantee you will feel results with each session!

Your Coach, Aila Accad, MSN, RN

Aila Accad, MSN, RN, “Your Stress-Busters Coach” is an award-winning international speaker, bestselling author and certified well-being coach with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in nursing, who specializes in quick ways to release stress and reclaim that energy to live your fullest life and achieve your highest purpose.

Aila is an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and Trainer and Reiki Master, who loves to empower her coaching clients with these cutting edge energy psychology strategies.

As president & founder of LifeQuest International, LLC, she is an innovator in wellness training and coaching. Aila creates uniquely simple, down to earth experiences that help people get results quickly. Thousands have reclaimed freedom through the application of her groundbreaking process, “Breaking the Perfection Myth” and reclaimed their life purpose through her new bestselling book, "The Call of The Soul: A path to knowing your true self and your life's purpose".

Life Transitions Coaching Program NEW
5-Week Permanent Weight Release Coaching Program

"To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny."
Alan Cohen

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Clients Get Results!

"I had been through much emotional and physical trauma in my life. Through our coaching sessions, I was able to sort through my life, and discover my true calling in life. I am now associate professor at Yale and showing my art in New York City and Los Angeles, all within 18 months of first meeting Aila."
Brian Reed, Fine Artist

“Wow, is all I can say. You helped me release an incredible amount of tension and deal with long-term issues… translating blocked energy into inspired energy…with such kindness, care and compassion.”
Donna Coulter,Laughter Coach

"I released a major block to public speaking which I had since childhood. Uncovering this block released my natural talent for speaking, which is now helping me, move forward in my career. This is huge! Thanks so much!!!"
Joan Shannon, MA, Teacher and Network Marketing Professional,Wilmington, DE

“You made me realize I need to follow my passion. This is my chance! I am fired up right now and it is all because of you. This is who I am this is what I love!!”
Christopher Adams

"I was frozen and had to get unstuck. Aila's patience and wonderful ideas sparked me snap into action. I realized there are more possibilities for me than I even imagined. Thanks Aila"
Karen Muranko

"As a coach, Aila is insightful and inspiring."
Lisa Joseph, CEP

"I am still grateful for my "singing breakthrough" with your help last year - I have never gone back to where I started and have overcome more challenges since then. Gratefully,"
Ann Marie Wyrsch

“Thank you so much…Another hurdle and I leapt rightover it. Amazing.”
Nancy Atkins, RN

“Your coaching shed light on how I was limiting myself with anxious and worried energy and unproductive thoughts. I feel like a really important shift in my way of thinking about things happened… Thanks for helping to transform that anxious energy into positive energy and peaceful contentment…”
Mark Smith, Massage Therapist & Musician

"Aila, as a result of the great session with you this morning. I was able to deal with all of my children during food shopping today. That is usually a challenge because they all have their own personalities :) I had the energy and patience. You are a blessing! :)"
LaTalya, Life Coach

"I'm still amazed at what happened and am so grateful that you were there. I remember that I really needed to look into someone's eyes and be seen and you were right there. Thanks so much for your love, strength and expertise.
Barbara Bennet

"You have helped me so much and in so many different ways I can't begin to ever repay you or describe how grateful I am... it is wonderful to be able to look back and see how far I have come as a person and I just wanted to tell you thanks."
Holly Henn

"After talking with you, I felt more energized and find myself moving forward,
Pamm Moore

"Thank you for showing me a way that I can help myself and get my life back on track. Lots of daily and life stresses, with family, finances, life, starting of menopause - and looking for a holistic way to combat these "feelings of sadness and woe"... I feel that I am starting on a new journey to happiness."
Melissa Stinson, RN

"I have learned so much from Aila, both as a student and as one who has benefited from her de-stress coaching. Aila is a wonderful teacher and coach--not only because she shares her knowledge, she also genuinely cares. I learned to use EFT from Aila and use it all the time to deal with life's challenges--because it truly works! And as a de-stress coach she is exceptional. Aila is the real deal!"
Lydia Mong, Instructional Designer, WVU

“Thank you so much for all your coaching. I have decided to turn in my resignation this week. Stepping into a new chapter. Decided that having sanity in my life was important”
Pam Hippler

"You are with me every time I sing Aila, since you shared with me "how to breathe" when performing on stage.;-). Breathing from my diaphragm just doesn't cut it anymore. Thanks to you, I'm much more grounded and using ALL of me when I sing. ;-))"
Rochelle Lockridge

"You were a life saver and inspiration. One of the most important lessons I learned from you is that just because life gives you lemons, you DON'T have to make lemonade...don't accept the lemons! You are too cool for school and remain a saving grace in my life."
Claire, Administrative Assistant