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"We thoroughly enjoyed having you at our conference. Students are still talking about your presentations. Awesome! So many tips in so little time. We loved it!"
Kit Frye, VP, West Virginia Student Nurses Association

"I have 4 kids, coach football 5 days a week, work and school & all of this causes a lot of stress, because I feel I don't have enough time to do it all. I will most definitely take advantage of what I learned from you today!"
Ryan Hager

"Thank you for opening my eyes about managing stress and striving for excellence, not perfection. I learned about combining nursing with my other gift (acting), talents, abilities & affinities. I encourage you to uplift others as you did today."
Francine Tagne

"Amazing Speaker! Techniques are very effective and therapeutic. I will take these with me always :)"
Rachel Legg

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What Student Nurses Say

“We thoroughly enjoyed having you at our conference. Students are still talking about your presentations. Awesome! So many tips in so little time. We loved it!”
Kit Frye VP of WV Student Nurses Association

"I was at a point in my life where everything is starting to take a toll on me...I am always trying to please everybody. what you said helped me understand new perspectives for my life!"
Alicia Simonton, pre-nursing student

"Now, I have an idea of what I'm wanting. Now, I know how to express myself in ways I've never thought about before."
Cody Crisp, Student Nurse

"You were very empowering & entertaining...Useful tips to settle emotions down and feel good about yourself!"
Jennifer Smith, Certified Nursing Assistant

"I learned how to handle my stress, that no one is perfect & to think positive and positive things will happen."
Amber Baylock, Student

"My favorite portion of your presentation was that energy entrains or is contagious. It will help me think outside the box on how to surround myself with positive energy."
Natalie Hall, Student

"I fully enjoyed your presentation today and especially loved your great closing song!"
Melinda Raynes, Student

"It was fun & you did a great job! I learned several things I will put into my life."
Danielle Pearson, Student

"The presentation was terrific! Everybody needs to accept their strengths and focus on the positives."
Talisha Jordan

"Very Helpful ~ I would love to share this with all my fellow students."
Lizbeth Potter, President, BRCTC, Student Nurses Association

"Your words gave me chill bumps. Thank you for expressing how important it is to give yourself credit. We are all unique no matter what we are going through in our lives. Striving to be perfect isn't the key, it is the willingness to be the best you can be."
Emily Trador, St Mary's Student Nurses Association

"Great!! Great presentation & ideas"
Alesha Jones, WVSNA

"She is AWESOME! I feel very inspired & my stress has really [almost]disappeared."
Katie Pullen, SN

"Amazing presentation and energy. I feel more confident in my ability to control my stress and my life after this presentation."
Jeremy Stephens

"I found you very encouraging and interesting to listen to. I found the stress-busters very helpful right now and I am excited to put these techniques to use. Thank You for caring enough for us to share these helpful tips to make us better nurses."
Alexandria Skeens

"I really enjoyed your presentation!!! I feel like I have tools to be less stressed now."
Amanda Wray

"I enjoyed the stress-buster activities & how she interacted with all of us."
Thomas Livingston, St. Mary's Center for Education

"Enjoyed it all. Very motivating. I Will definitely look forward to hearing her again."
Tina Burroughs

"Very interesting & enlightening."
Cris Gerwig, Student

"Your speech was informational and encouraging for many if not all of us."
Joan Gallego, CNA