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Health Reform Means
Unprecedented Opportunity for Nurses to Lead


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Popular Presentation Topics:

Tomorrow's Nurse & The Future of Nursing
"The HealthCare Evolution: Ten Trends Supporting Nurses to Create New Healthcare Delivery Models"
"Tomorrow's Nurse: How Health Reform is Inspiring a Return to the Heart of Nursing"
"Nurses: Leaders in Health Reform from Nightingale to Today"

Nursing Leadership
"Re-Lighting the Lamp: Inspiring Leadership in Nursing"
"EmPOWERing Nurses to Lead"
"From Oppression to Profession: Breakout Strategies to Free Nurses from Oppressed Group Behaviors"
"Conflict, Communication & Colleagueship for Nurses"
"Facilitating Consensus: Leadership Skills for Shared Governance"
"Foundations of Professional Nursing: Theory, Research, Practice"

Stress & Healing

"Instant Stress-Busters for Nurses"
"Breaking the Perfection Myth: A model for preventing nurse burnout & addiction" (based on published research)

"Principles & Practices of Energy Healing for Nurses"
"Drawing from an Empty Well: Healing Compassion Fatigue"
"Caring for Nurses: A Retreat Experience"

Student Nurse Presentations

"Taking Charge of Your Nursing Career"
"Passion, Power & Performance"

All Presentations are Interactive & Tailored to Outcomes!

Student Nurse Presentations

Can you answer yes to any of these questions:

Are you exhausted and in pain?
Are you frustrated at the end of the day?
Have you lost the passion you once had for nursing?
Are you subjected to anger, verbal abuse, & hostility?
Are you trying to give to others from an empty basket?
Do you feel out of control and powerless to do anything about it?
Do you wish you could attend to a human being rather than just their body?

Programs Provide Practical Ways to Move from

  • Burnout to Balance
  • Fatigue to Endless Energy
  • Stressed to Relaxed
  • Hurting to Healing
  • Powerless to Powerful
  • Depreciation to Self-Esteem
Simple Tools, Techniques & Principles for
  • Reclaiming Control of Choices
  • Responding to others from Inner Abundance
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and pain instantly
  • Relaxing and Reenergizing your body & mind
  • Recharging your Passion for Nursing

    What Nursing Meeting Planners Say About Aila

    "Aila recently developed and narrated a DVD to educate our legislators on the nurse’s role in health reform and rallied almost 400 nurses as the emcee of our 2009 Nurse Unity Day at the WV Capitol. Her message inspires nurses to reconnect with their passion and expand their roles to keep pace with and capitalize on health reform trends. She is an excellent choice for any nursing educational venue. It is my pleasure to highly recommend this energetic and talented speaker."
    Steve McElroy, Executive Director, West Virginia Nurses Association

    “Aila made it easy for me as a conference planner. The biggest benefit is that what she brings to the table is different. Several of the comments were this presenter was wonderful, it wasn’t the same old tired ideas presented in the same old tired ways. I was surprised at how many of the evaluations said how effective what Aila presented was for them, even just in that moment that they tried them there in the conference setting. I would very much recommend Aila for conferences, especially for health care professionals and the stress-busting and consider booking her again for our Palliative Care Conference.”
    Lisa McMillion, Conference Planner

    “Aila is a wealth of knowledge and a delightful presenter! I highly recommend her programs.”
    Angy Nixon, CNM, American College of Nurse-Midwives

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What Nurses Say:

“"You reminded us of our inner abilities and the "good" things about each of us. Remembering there is no criteria for perfection, so… We need to start re-framing what we are striving for in quality care…“
Debra Lesyk, RN, Planning Coordinator, Saskatoon Health Region Nurse Education Conference

“We thoroughly enjoyed having you at our conference. Students are still talking about your presentations. Awesome! So many tips in so little time. We loved it!”
Kit Frye VP of WV Student Nurses Association

“This was so very powerful, enlightening & Stress free!"
Stephanie Isaacs, LPN

“Excellent – so refreshing...helped me to be able to give myself permission to be what I want to be and love myself...”
Darlene A. Boyd, RN, BC, Geriatrics

"You have given the key to me to change my life and make it stress free….”
Vicki Forinash, RN,

"I truly appreciated ‘Instant Stress-Busters for Nurses'! Afterward I felt renewed and rejuvenated, motivated to share what I’ve learned with my peers, and my daughter who is also a nurse. I’m looking forward to the next workshop.”
Yvonne Lane, RN,Charleston Area Medical Center

"I know a lot of nurses who could benefit from what you teach and I think it can have a huge impact on patient care."
Becky Flaherty, RN

“Excellent Job! Great thing about this workshop! Very real, definitely hit home to everyday situations.”
Vicki Vannest, RN Assistant Director

“Thank you for bringing me into focus. I waste so much valuable time on things I cannot control. You are a wonderful speaker.”
Rebecca Estep, RN

“The stressors I listed were all things I could not control. Go figure! I have to consciously let go of those things I can’t control. I “know” I need to listen to my heart – it rarely leads me wrong. I just need to remind myself of this daily. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. It reaffirmed many of my own beliefs & put me back in a peaceful place. Thank You!”
Debbie Tonelli, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Bluefield State College

“Great Job! I picked up several valuable tools to help me de-stress. I’ll pass these tools on to my co-workers, friends, and family.”
Amanda Eads, RN

“I am amazed at how easy this is! I will use it in all areas of my personal and professional life. Aila, you have made such a difference in my life!”
Vickie Shaluta, RN, Executive Director Medical Office, Crigger & Associates

“Thank you so much for this tip for destressing! It was so simple and yet so effective. Such wisdom!”
MaryLou Lewis, MD, FACP, MA
Clinical Ethicist and Palliative Care Physician