Breaking the Perfection Myth

Just Released on DVD!

Breaking the Perfection Myth will help you celebrate the way you think and feel about who you really are and your purpose in the world.

You'll stop wasting so much time and stress on trying to be more perfect & start investing that energy to grow in excellence, which is your birthright!

(Package Contains: Breaking the Perfection Myth Presentation DVD, 60-page Step-by-Step Guide & "You Are the Gift!" Guided Meditation with additional original music track)

In "Breaking the Perfection Myth", You will:

  • Discover the one thing stopping you from having what you want
  • Let go of the stress of too much to do & not enough time
  • Know the key to improving all Your relationships
  • Explore 3 clues to Your gifts & talents
  • Find your soul's passion & purpose
  • Have a strategy for moving through fear of change
  • Live with more joy, peace and confidence in Yourself

"Breaking The Perfection Myth" unlocks the secret to living the life you always wanted!

This model Breaks The Perfection Myth and reignites your true passions, talents and abilities.

You can begin to let go of the blocks to your heart's desire and find the marvelous True Self that lies hidden underneath. The YOU that is the source of self-esteem, compassion, energy, creativity and doorway to all that you desire.

If you are struggling with understanding why the Law of Attraction is not working for You...

Breaking the Perfection Myth is the Key to unlocking 'The Secret' for successfully employing the Law of Attraction.

What People say about "Breaking the Perfection Myth":

“I absolutely loved the DVD/CD and book. Finally, was able to relax my body and mind. I feel like the last few months I have been on a rollercoaster of events. I love the music with your beautiful voice. my dogs seemed relaxed as well. I actually went to work and put it to good use. Everyone around me was stressing out, with the number of trauma's that came in, but I had a clear head. I was calm. I think I even calmed down a couple of coworkers and patients just with my response. Thank you so much for helping me get grounded again! I’ve shared this with the hospital director and nurse executive. My hospital would really benefit by this!”
                                       Angela Spina, RN, Trauma Nurse, NY

"Aila Accad provided Breaking the Perfection Myth program to two of my groups. At each event the people enjoyed it and several were in tears, saying that the awareness had changed their lives. I highly recommend it to everyone."
Sheila G. Earls,
Sheila's Enterprises and Marketing

"Thank you for opening my eyes about managing stress and striving for excellence, not perfection. I learned about combining nursing with my other gift (acting), talents, abilities & affinities. I encourage you to uplift others as you did today."
Francine Tagne, nursing student

“This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be present at a workshop for the 23rd Annual Women and Spirituality Conference at Mankato State University. The name of the workshop was “Breaking the Perfection Myth” with Aila Accad… Not only was she a wonderful, dynamic speaker, (she had my undivided attention for the full 90-minute workshop) … but the way she approached the topic was so eloquent, humorous, practical and “fresh”….”
Debra Betterly Ph.D., CLC, Workshop Evaluator, Transformational Coach

What Psychologists Say

"Aila's workshops are filled with energy. She shares the gift of her wisdom in a way that makes it so easy to "get." Breaking the Perfection Myth is a great message delivered by an engaging and very funny woman who seems to know each one of us."
Laurie A. Helgoe, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Author of "Introvert Power"

“As a licensed psychologist, I have had the pleasure of hearing Aila Accad speak on the Perfection Myth at a local church and have used her “Breaking the Perfection Myth” video and workbook in my private practice. Her workbook has provided an excellent therapy model. It has proven to be a wonderful tool with clients who are struggling with self esteem issues and unrealistic expectations of themselves.
Sally F. Sowell, M.A.

“Amazingly, Breaking The Perfection Myth teaches that really none of us are lacking in any particular way. Usually, such a view of excellence is thought to be unattainable or theoretical. What a wonderful thing to remember.”

Ernie Vecchio, MA
Clinical Psychologist-
Founder, Innerscape, LLC

Listen to how "Breaking the Perfection Myth"
helped these students to:

  • Experience less stress
  • Gain more time & energy
  • Stop competing & start supporting each other
  • Improve their relationships

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People Get Results!

"The information shared was great, invaluable. The way it was presented and the way you elaborated really brought meaning to ideas of “perfection” from the heart. I came away feeling confident, valued and recognized to simply “just be me”!!"
Trinnette Cooper, Health Educator, Area L North Carolina AHEC

"Breaking the Perfection Myth provided me with a theory and context that is applicable to both my personal growth and my business. In essence, by setting my goal for 'perfection' in various aspects of my life, I was destined for failure and disappointment. Especially, when I did not achieve as expected. Breaking the Perfection Myth helped me to focus on my strengths, and enabled me to develop and accept who I truly am. In the end, while I may not be perfect - I am marvelous!"
Sharon Sanak, MA

“I really saw myself as the one who always had to fix something, as the fixer in my family or relationship after this workshop I know I do not have to be the fixer.”
Schandra Haley, Guardianship Specialist

“Rethinking what I want to do, instead of what I “should” do takes a great weight of my shoulders. This “weight” hindered me from being able to do the “should.” I was focusing on an activity as if it made me good or bad instead of helping me grow & develop. This is a great insight expander. Wonderful, caring speaker.”
Margaret Valderrey, RN

“Thank you for helping me realize that I have the power to choose my definition of perfect.”
Emma Moore, Financial Contract Manager

“I started out not wanting to be here, however you are such a great speaker you were able to pour into my spirit and I was able to leave here with confidence, energy, and the power to live in the now. I will now live for “me” and start to enjoy life. Thank You!”
Quinyetta Nolan, Case Manager, Health Services

“This has been valuable to me in that I am not a failure because I am not perfect. I am just fine not being perfect. Wow. What a great feeling. Thank you”
Wellness Coordinator

“This session helped me feel less stressed by releasing the idea of perfection. If you see things as positive and achievable. Anything can become easy.”
Jill Queen, Quality Management

“This presentation enabled me to understand that perfection is unattainable. In the beginning exercise the light went off in my head that ... “perfect” had a different meaning for everyone. Thank you for helping me realize this.”
Tamika A Bennett, Data Manager

“Today is my birthday and this was a nice reflection on my life and what made me me!”
Kristy Parker, case manager/social worker, Johnston County Mental Health

“I enjoyed the comments, "practice makes perfect" and "nobody’s perfect". I don’t often use them in the same sentence but it made me see that striving to be perfect is too draining and stressful. I also liked the question of "who made up the “should?” and "why should we strive to achieve it.”
Anissa Lipscomb, Credit Counseling Coordinator, Family Service, Inc.

“I wanted to let you know, I attended your class yesterday and your class was so helpful to me. The things you were saying, about finding yourself, and what you are meant to do...I felt like it was speaking right to me. It's something I've been battling a lot with here lately. I feel trapped a lot of days and like I'm searching to find what I really am meant to do in my life. Thank you for your guidance. You are a wonderful teacher.”
Kelly Meadows, Acordia

"I was at a point in my life where everything is starting to take a toll on me...I am always trying to please everybody. what you said helped me understand new perspectives for my life!"
Alicia Simonton

"Your words gave me chill bumps. Thank you for expressing how important it is to give yourself credit. We are all unique no matter what we are going through in our lives. Striving to be perfect isn't the key, it is the willingness to be the best you can be."
Emily Trador, St Mary's Student Nurses Association