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HospiceCare Manager Workshop


Dear HospiceCare Manager,

I'm really glad we are getting together again on Wednesday, October 4, to deepen the knowledge and skills you learned in the previous session.

Have you been keeping your log of observations and thoughts?
Did you implement your Motivation strategy?
Did you conduct an Evaluation?

It is my sincere hope that you are taking this opportunity to practice the skills we discussed and observe what happens in your world.

There are two days left to find out what you can, and take full advantage of this next learning opportunity.

My intention is to create a vibrant and vital experience with you. Please take a moment to quickly jot down any thoughts you have about what information you feel you need next on the questionnaire below. As before, I am the only person who will see your answers.

Thank you in advance for your honest and candid remarks~

I'm looking forward to our meeting.

Aila Accad, RN, MSN
Your 'Get A Grip' Coach & Trainer

PS. Please submit your answers by Tuesday, October 3.

PPS If you have any questions about the form, feel free to contact me at 304-344-9131 or

Please place an answer in each square. I am interested your input on all of the statements. However, if there is a section for which you do not have a comment, just insert the word none.

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