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"Such a wonderful group of wise women! The energy was so good, so nurturing, so energizing."

What Happens at the Women's Retreat?

Each Women's Retreat has a focus topic, yet there is not a strict agenda for the day. Your retreat experience is shaped by the unique women who 'show up' for themselves that day. You will receive from your retreat what you want to find in and for yourself and more.

You can count on great food, talking, laughing, tears, music, at least one guided meditation, openness and non-judgment.

You may also dance, sing, take a walk, journal, read, draw, make a new friend, experience magic ~ Anything which supports your personal journey can happen at your Women's Retreat.

The group is small, no more than 11 Awesome women at each retreat. This allows for the flexibility, space and time needed for each woman to share as she chooses.

Below are some Women's Retreat Reflections and Images. All photos on the Women's Retreat pages were taken at the Retreat Center.

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"As restorative as a week at the beach!"
"I came away with some wonderful new insights to keep me connected to "the Source" on a daily basis. Our discussion also helped me better understand the "voices in my head" and how to sort out the difference between the voice of fear and the voice of intuition. I gained a better understanding of spiritual truths, and I felt renewed, balanced, and at peace.
It was as restorative as a week at the beach! Thank you for the special setting and for providing such a safe place to explore the many questions of spiritual growth."

Barbie Dallman

"I felt so much less lonely"
"I have to tell you again what a wonderful, unexpected treat your Retreat was for me. When I went home I felt awesome, and I had the best night's sleep that I've had in years. It amazed me to hear the other women talk about their own experiences and insights, and to recognize the parallels we all share in our lives. I felt so much less lonely."


"There was such a kindred spirit"
"Thanks for a WONDERFUL retreat on Saturday. I am still experiencing such peace and synergy from that experience. Thank you seems so inadequate. Please let me know when you host another one. There was such a kindred spirit right off the bat, which is not common in most settings where the participants don’t know each other. You have a gift and thank you for sharing that with us. Your light shines bright!"

Pamm Moore

"Enjoyed just concentrating on myself"
"Thank you so much--what a wonderful day. At first I kept thinking of all the things at home to be done, but then got so caught up, I forgot about other duties. Enjoyed just concentrating on myself for the day."

Pat Moyer

"much thought & awareness has been with me since"
"Thanks so much for the wonderful day retreat ~ I thorougly enjoyed the entire day & the food was great too. Every subject was interesting & much thought & awareness has been with me since that day. I have given your contact information out to several friends who might enjoy a future event with you!"

Susan Smith

"such a serene place of beauty!"
"Thank you for hosting such a renewing retreat. I love your natural ability to flow with the moment and assisting others to recognize their divine spirit. You have created such a serene place of beauty!

Lory Winter-Allen

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Visioning Your Best Year! ~ Each January

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creating vision boards that express the heart's desire!
It was truly a Magic and Memorable Women's Retreat!

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