Reviews from Planners & Participants

Meeting Planners

“Aila was very accessible to me as a conference planner. Anytime I made a request, she sent more than I needed and that made it a lot easier for me not to have to keep following up with her.

The biggest benefit is that what she brings to the table is different. Several of the comments were this presenter was wonderful, it wasn’t the same old tired ideas presented in the same old tired ways. I was surprised at how many of the evaluations said how effective what Aila presented was for them, even just in that moment that they tried them there in the conference setting.

I would very much recommend Aila for conferences, especially for health care professionals and the stress-busting and consider booking her again for our Palliative Care Conference.”

Lisa McMillion
Hospice of Southern WV

"I have received positive feedback from my clients – they thoroughly enjoyed themselves."
Tammy Wheeler, PR Association

“Thank you so much for your presentation/interaction yesterday! The event was successful and I believe folks got a lot out of your presentation. You could tell by them wanting to stay around and talk after the event and listening to the discussion with the folks. Lot of good/thought provoking dialog!”
Mary Jo Hendricks, Dow Corporation, Women’s Innovation Network (WIN)

“Aila is a wealth of knowledge and a delightful presenter! I highly recommend her programs.”
Angy Nixon, CNM, Chapter Chair, American College of Nurse-Midwives, Region IV, Chapter 6

"I've heard nothing but great feedback...Thank you for an enlightening and empowering day, both professionally and personally. You have this unique ability to educate, influence, and inspire."
Pamm Moore, Aker Solutions

"Aila is someone I’ve come to for assistance many times as I’ve built teamwork within, and between, my call centers in Baltimore, Charleston, Richmond, and Tampa. Her experience and professionalism enable her to be very effective in one-on-one, small group, and large team sessions. She provides both initial and follow-up support, as well as coaching on how to maintain the relationships she helps us to develop."
Patt Goff, Director – Verizon
Southeast Business Sales Centers

“Your enthusiasm and energy kept the meeting moving and focused. For some time, we have been discussing the mission statement of the organization. Through well-planned activities, you brought us to consensus so that we are now ready to formalize a statement.”
Patricia M. Moyers, CAE, Executive Director
West Virginia Society of CPAs

"We really enjoyed the seminars and got nothing but glowing reviews about it and Aila....we certainly would like to bring the Stress Buster class back again in the near future."
Scott Sigley, Human Resources Specialist
National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)


"We walked in a team and walked out with new friends."
Cindy, Verizon, Business Service Center

I want to begin by thanking you for your focus and commitment in leading our team through the six sessions of our Team Development program. Your guidance helped our team grow both personally and professionally.
I wanted to share with you an example of this growth in action. Shortly after our team building sessions ended, the Supervisors on my team decided to implement a focused and consistent approach to care for our sales associates who were struggling with implementing our sales strategy. The team met several times to outline their goals and assign roles and responsibilities. The result was the SIMPLE Sales Success School. This was a 2 week program consisting of daily classroom instruction on the components of the sales process as well as observation and coaching.
The measure of success was an increase in DSL and Long Distance units per 100 calls. The pilot class was enormously successful. LD units increased 19% and DSL units increased 68%.
What I consider to be equally successful was the manner in which the team worked to accomplish this goal. I briefly joined one of the planning meetings expecting to mediate opposing views. I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone participating as they worked out the details of who would do what. It really was a collaborative group effort.
I know they were very proud of their accomplishment as well as the success of the program. Thank you,"

Charlie Kennedy, Branch Manager, Verizon, Charleston WV Business Sales Center

"Instant Stress-Busters At Work"

“This was very empowering. Thanks so much for your time and you’re right, I had a lot of people I thought “I wished so and so was here.” Again, thank you!!”
Summer, Head Cashier

“The instructor provided excellent information on how to deal with everyday activities at work and home. Great examples/ techniques on how to de-stress. I was very happy to have attended the seminar!!”
Michelle A Faber, Management Assistant

“This was a great use of my time. I feel so much more prepared & ready to face the rest of my work day. My plan is to take something from the book at least once a week. Write it on the huge whiteboard in my office, and focus on that every day. It will be right in front of me.”
Trish Adkins-Coliane, Financial Management Specialist

“This was a terrific seminar. As a working mother, I learned many valuable tips to help me both at work and home. Would like to attend this seminar every year.”
Leigh Ann Beller, Procurement Technician

“I enjoyed the class, it energized me even after only four hours of sleep the night before.”
Sara Kidder, Accountant

“Very useful techniques. Would recommend this class to others.”
Beth Jezowicz, Human Resources Assistant

“Liked the individual techniques!*Good advice! Enjoyed enthusiasm of instructor!”
Robert Clonch, Information Technology Specialist

“Received a lot of useful information. Can’t wait to read the book and try the techniques.”
Mary Dzurik, Secretary

"Your enthusiasm for your subject matter is infectious. I enjoyed the training very much."
Jo Annne Hume, Business Manager

“Good session. The book is a good addition. I liked the down to earth style.”
Stephen K Beek, Physicist

"Instant Stress-Busters for Schools"

“Today was very educational and informative for me. I cannot wait to apply these skills... I now know what energizes me! I am truly in the right profession.”
Linda Henson, Social Worker, Mingo County Board of Education

“Interesting, informative, validating. A wonderfully uplifting learning experience.”
Karen Marshall, English Teacher

“I do not give up my weekends for seminars or workshops, but these past two days were awesome and I have no regrets because of all that I’ve gained personally and what I’ll be able to share with my clients.”
Dale A Fox, Counselor, Fayette County Board of Education

"I recently had the pleasure of participating in Aila's Stress-Busters Workshop. In addition to myself, we had school secretaries, cooks, aides and bus drivers in attendance. The program was entertaining as well as informative; and all who attended gave Aila rave reviews and asked for a follow-up session."
Jane Parmer, Staff Development, Lewis County Schools

“The Kanawha County Schools Human Resources staff had very positive comments about your upbeat presentation. The stimulating topic that you covered brought out things we had never thought of before. We liked the positive interaction and examples you provided. Your seminar helped us bond as a team. We can share experiences and enjoy the day more.”
Carol Hamric, IPMA-CP, Human Resources Administrator, Kanawha County Schools

"Instant Stress-Busters & Leadership for Nurses and Healthcare"

”After attending the Stress-Busters for Nurses Seminar, I felt energized. Aila has a dynamic but simple way of helping you see the whole picture... a very practical way to implement stress management in my daily life as a person and a nurse... I strongly recommend any nurse to attend the De-Stressing for Nurses Seminar”
Denise Chiartas, RN, BSN, Nurse Case Manager, Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program, Charleston Area Medical Center

"Aila's wealth of knowledge and excellent presentation skills offers a unique experience and tools to help health care professionals enhance their practice."
Nancy Atkins, MSN, RNC, NP, Nurse Practitioner, Commissioner, WV Medical Services

“Excellent – so refreshing to have someone help me to be able to give myself permission to be what I want to be and love myself that I can be all I was meant to be.”
Darlene A. Boyd, RN, BC, Geriatrics

“Excellent Job! Great thing about this workshop! Very real, definitely hit home to everyday situations.”
Vicki Vannest, Assistant Director

“Thank you for bringing me into focus. I waste so much valuable time on things I cannot control. Thank you again. You are a wonderful speaker.”
Rebecca Estep, RN

“This was so very powerful, enlightening & Stress free!”
Stephanie Isaacs, LPN, Hospice of Southern WV

“The stressors I listed were all things I could not control. Go figure! I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. It put me back in a peaceful place. Thank You!”
Debbie Tonelli, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Bluefield State College

"Your presentation hit the nail on the head in terms of articulating the stress and frustration I've been feeling at work. You've given me the tools and confidence I need to assert myself and stand up for the reason I became a nurse. Thank you. You are powerful speaker and your light shines brightly."
A. Epp, RN

"You are awesome, marvelous, miraculous & amazing. I wish I could take you with me! – To work & at home. Thank you for empowering me to feel that what I do makes a difference in an environment full of stress!"
Cherie Welsh, RN, Stensrud Lodge.

“Very insightful, very enlightening, helpful to me personally & professionally. Better than counseling. I can’t wait to start listening to your CDs and use your Stress-Busters book daily. Thanks.”
Heather Bland Parks, Respiratory Therapist, Home Care

“This was a great use of my time. I feel so much more prepared & ready to face the rest of my work day. My plan is to take something from the book at least once a week. Write it on the huge whiteboard in my office, and focus on that every day. It will be right in front of me.”
Trish Adkins-Coliane, Financial Management Specialist

“Great Job! I picked up several valuable tools to help me de-stress. I’ll pass these tools on to my co-workers, friends, and family.”
Amanda Eads, RN

“Thank you so much for this tip for de-stressing! It was so simple and yet so effective: It made goose bumps up and down my spine. Such wisdom!”
MaryLou Lewis, MD, FACP, MA, Clinical Ethicist and Palliative Care Physician

“I am amazed at how easy this is! I will use it in all areas of my personal and professional life. Aila, you have made such a difference in my life!”
Vickie Shaluta, RN, Executive Director Medical Office, Crigger & Associates

"Your enthusiasm for your subject matter is infectious. I enjoyed the training very much."
Jo Anne Hume, Business Manager

”I truly appreciated Stress-Busters for Nurses'! Afterward I felt renewed and rejuvenated, motivated to share what I’ve learned.”
Yvonne Lane, RN, Charleston Area Medical Center

"I know a lot of nurses who could benefit from what you teach and I think it can have a huge impact on patient care."
Becky Flaherty, RN

"You are right on! A true rallying cry for nurses. And a good reality check for all of us. We need nurses to focus on the whole person not just giving out meds-- :)"
S. Lou H

"I loved your article in the WV Nurse! I am at work at 02:15 a.m. and have been rejuvenated after reading your Stress-Busting tips. Thanks,"
Nellie Lucas, RN

Breaking the Perfection Myth™

"Breaking the Perfection Myth provided me with a theory and context that is applicable to both my personal growth and my business. The Perfection Myth helped me to focus on my strengths, and enabled me to develop and accept who I truly am. In the end, while I may not be perfect - I am marvelous!"
Sharon Sanak, MA

"Aila Accad provided Breaking the Perfection Myth program to two of my groups. At each event the people enjoyed it and several were in tears, saying that the awareness had changed their lives. I highly recommend it to everyone."
Sheila G. Earls,Sheila's Enterprises and Marketing

What Psychologists Say about Breaking the Perfection Myth™:

"Aila's workshops are filled with energy. She shares the gift of her wisdom in a way that makes it so easy to "get." Breaking the Perfection Myth is a great message delivered by an engaging and very funny woman who seems to know each one of us."
Laurie A. Helgoe, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author

“As a licensed psychologist, I have had the pleasure of hearing Aila Accad speak on the Perfection Myth at a local church and have used her “Breaking the Perfection Myth” video and workbook in my private practice. Her workbook has provided an excellent therapy model. It has proven to be a wonderful tool with clients who are struggling with self esteem issues and unrealistic expectations of themselves.
Sally F. Sowell, M.A., Psychologist

“Amazingly, Breaking The Perfection Myth teaches that really none of us are lacking in any particular way. Usually, such a view of excellence is thought to be unattainable or theoretical. What a wonderful thing to remember.”
Ernie Vecchio, MA, Clinical Psychologist-, Innerscape, LLC

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