Strategic Planning for Targeted Outcomes

Effective Strategic Planning & Facilitation
is an Art!

Aila has developed and honed the art of facilitation working with hundreds of organizations for over 40 years. A toolbox of simple, tried and true strategic-planning exercises create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their honest opinions and developing consensus efficiently.

Participants are amazed at the results they are able to achieve in a short period of time and value the relationships which are developed through the process. People are frequently surprised and delighted at the ease and joy in the process and camaraderie that develops in the group.

An environment is established early and maintained throughout, which encourages respect and value for each person and the process itself.

"The Strategic Planning with Aila was constructive and helped organize our approach toward our revenue goals. It was our second opportunity to work with Aila in Tampa. Thanks."

R.J. Kerker
Data Sales Consultant-DSG

STRATEGIC PLANNING is facilitated step-by-step interactive process resulting in:

A Unified Vision - The first step in planning is to Vision the Outcome. This establishes a uniform direction for all efforts. Visioning is a simple, yet powerful exercise that gets everyone on the same page quickly.

Values statement - The Core Group Values are identified as a byproduct of the Visioning Exercise. This is a natural flow from step-one to step two. A Values Statement is easily drafted without getting bogged down in time consuming wordsmithing. People are amazed at how diverse views can be brought to agreement with such ease!

Mission statement - The clear, concise Mission Statement focuses and directs the Values of the Organization toward a particular outcome. The group is in the flow now and uses the same skills built in steps one & two to draft a Mission Statement everyone can support.

Identification of Trends, Opportunities & Resistances - Participate in an exciting exercise to identify the industry and global trends, opportunities, and resistances that will support or hamper your efforts.

Prioritized Goals & Objectives - The critical skill of prioritizing the key goals for the year is the focus of this step. And, selecting the best objectives to achieve those goals. Now the team is clarifying and honing their target, so everyone can be working in the same agreed upon direction. This step is critical for efficiency & effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.

Operational Benchmark & Tracking System - Write a specific strategic plan which includes time-lines, responsibilities, resource allocation, and benchmarks is identified and mapped on a chart for tracking progress.

Delineated Evaluation Process - Criteria are established for measuring results, and intervals for measurement are established for intermittent course correction as needed.

Each of these steps in the Strategic Planning process takes into account the unique culture & preferences of the organization. From basic terminology to preferred processes, every aspect of facilitation is tailored to the unique needs of the organization and it's personality.

          "Your enthusiasm and energy kept the meeting moving and focused.
          For some time, we have been discussing the mission statement of the organization. Through well-planned activities, you brought us to consensus so that we are now ready to formalize a statement. I also appreciated your helping our members realize why they participate and why they are motivated to be leaders.
          I heard many fine comments about the value of the training. We look forward to working with you again."

Patricia M. Moyers, CAE
Executive Director
WV Society of CPAs

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What Participants Say!

"Team-building was a very positive experience for our team. Aila's dynamic combination of relaying information in a creative way mixed with humor made it an enjoyable and fun presentation. Our staff was highly energized and developed several good ideas that we incorporated into the office. I highly recommend Aila to any organization or individual who wants practical, applicable ideas they can bring back to the workplace immediately.“
Sarah H. Long, Deputy Treasurer, WV State Treasurer’s Office

"We walked in a team and walked out with new friends."
Cindy, Verizon Business Service Center, MD

"Thank you for an enlightening and empowering day, both professionally and personally. You have this unique ability to educate, influence, and inspire."
Pamm Moore, HR Director, Aker Solutions

"I thought the team-building experience was enlightening, refreshing and brought our team together in a bonding manner. This has developed friendships that would probably have not normally developed. Thank You,"
Kristen McAfee, Business Sales Consultant, Data Solutions Group

"Aila was in tune with the emotions and existing conflicts that needed to be addressed. Overall, she can be a tremendous asset to any organization seeking resolution to outstanding issues."
Patrick Dreiling,Supervisor, Business Quality Support,Verizon, Tampa