Vitality and Health!

People ask me about supplements all the time, because I'm a nurse, but mostly because I have Great Energy & Health!

I am now 60 years young~

My mother died at age 61, after she spent many years consumming an incredible number of over the counter supplements. After she died, the doctor told me that she had manipulated her system so much with supplements that her body quit working.

That was a wake up call for me and my siblings.

I was determined to learn more about supplements in order to help myself and others avoid the problems my mother ran into. One has superb supplements, the other has a super-antioxidant tonic

Here is what I found:

If food is grown in soil with all the nutrients in it that our bodies need, that food would be all we would have to eat to stay well. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Our food is generally grown in nutrient barren soil with lots of pesticides and chemicals and is becoming more frequently genetically altered. On top of that, food processing takes whatever nutrients might be left out and microwaving changes the molecular structure of the food so our bodies cannot assimilate it. Sounds bleak, doesn't it?

Supplementation is important today. The question is not whether to supplement but how to do it safely and healthfully.

I am going to share with you the supplements I take and why. And, I encourage you to evaluate your own options and choices.

There is a company, whose products I trust and take on a daily basis for vitality & health! This is not the only good company or products, just the ones I have chosen for myself after years of testing.

I have been taking the following supplements for 14 years. They are all natural and 'adaptogenic', which means they adapt to your system.

To learn more about my experiences with these supplements and how to order, just send me a message on the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

The Wholistic Wellness Package is my daily Vitamin Supplement which includes 3 products: A Super Vitamin Pack, Amazing Antioxidant and Female Hormonal Balance Support. (The Male Wellness Package has a great prostate health support supplement). I also use the Joint Formula and Rejuvenation Packs daily.

Super Vitamin Pack is complete water soluble daily supplementation in a packet a day.

Amazing Antioxidant - is water soluble, so you can't get too much. I take extra on planes, and when I feel a cold coming on... Awesome!

Female Hormonal Balance Support - Normalizes the female system to deal with everything from PMS to menopause. It shrunk my huge fibroid tumor in 8 months so I did not need a hysterectomy. Adapts to any woman's body

Joint Support Formula - is a blend of key nutrients for healthy joint support.

Rejuvenation Packs- Rejuvenates every cell in my body!

I use these additional company products on an as needed basis:

Energy on the Go product that doesn't make me hyper (keeps me awake while driving, yet I can go to sleep when I get home)

Gentle Sleep Supplement that doesn't make me drowsy in the morning (gives me a deeper REM sleep when my sleep hours are cut short and for traveling - no jet lag)

Mental Perfomance Supplement (for sharper mental functioning)

Weight Management Supplement - Great for appetite suppression, fat burning and metabolism boost

Meal by Meal Fat Remover - (I take this before eating fatty foods) Encapsulates the fat and takes it out of your system.

Chewable Antioxidant for Children (I use this as lozenger for throat soreness or hoarseness before speaking). I have been giving my grandchildren this product since they were babies - They love it (chewable tasting like sweet tarts) and continue to be the healthiest kids in daycare & school!

The Science behind these products is impeccable. The more you know about the formulator and herbalist, the more confident you will be about these products. He is literally a genius!

Contact me on the Form below to learn more about these supplements and ordering

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