Great Story about
Permanent Weight-Loss

After dieting since the age of 13, I became jaded about the wonders of diet and exercise to achieve permanent weight loss.

I tried every diet and exercise program, even pills. I always lost weight, but within a short time of stopping the diet or decreasing the exercise, I gained that weight back plus more!

In the early 90's I decided to make peace with my 300 lb body and just accept it as it was.

I learned to accept myself, as I was, and began to let go of some of the self-criticism that was a daily mantra. Shortly after, I was introduced to a supplement which changed my metabolism and changed my life!

I achieved a 100-pound permanent weight loss with vitamin and nutritional supplements, exercise and amazing techniques and de-stress tools!

Today, I look and feel fabulous, and am in total control of my weight & health thanks to a dramatic change in perspective about myself, great nutritional strategies, an enjoyable exercise approach and stress-free lifestyle!

As a nurse speaker, I love sharing my experience with others who want to get off the weight loss merry-go-round.

When you are Ready to Get control of your eating & your life... Check out my

"Weight No More"
5-Week Coaching Program

The Permanent Weight Release Program includes:


  • Why strenuous diet & exercise programs make you fatter
  • Why today's food leaves us perpetually hungry
  • The secret of water and weight
  • What nutrients are essential to health in the 21st century
  • How food contributes to chronic illness and obesity
  • The secret to health, beauty and graceful aging
  • What being totally Well really means

  • To Be free from constant thoughts of food
  • To Have great energy so you want to exercise
  • To Stop Feeding your Stress
  • To Empower personal choice and control
  • To De-Stress Your Life

  • To Achieve Permanent Success
  • To Act Non-judging, Loving, and Compassionate to YOU
  • To Live the Life You Want

Weight loss was just the beginning ... I ultimately changed every part of my life for the better

Are you determined to live a Healthy, Happy, Stress-free Life? If your answer is YES! I can help you get there.

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"This program has helped me with my weight issues and overeating issues. I no longer will think that I will be hit by a greyhound bus after I eat and this may be my last meal. Thank You for Helping."

Randy Augustine
Social Worker
Charleston Area Medical Center

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"Beyond the Measuring Cup" with Aila on Weight Release

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