5-Week Permanent Weight Release Program


Could It Be Possible That YOU Will
Naked In Front Of Your Mirror
Just A Few Months From Now
…And SMILE At What You See?

YES, YOU WILL…and if you’re ready to:

Shed those ugly pounds of fat!
Eat delicious foods without gaining weight!
Banish that nagging guilty feeling forever!
And finally feel satisfied with your body, then
keep reading to learn more about permanent weight release....

IMAGINE...what it would be like to...

Eat whatever you want without guilt.
Stop the “yo-yo” cycle and NEVER diet again.
Quit eating to soothe your emotions.
Enjoy your food AND your life.
Love and appreciate yourself and your body.
Feel vibrant & energetic.
Feel relaxed and in control of your choices.

How different would your life be?

Shopping with the girls?
Hearing “You look amazing!” and believing it? It’s true.

Playing touch football with your kids?
Hearing “Awesome Dad, when can we do it again?”

Dining at a nice restaurant?
Yes, ordering mouth-watering entrees without guilt.

Relaxing on the beach in a bathing suit
feeling comfortable and confident, finally!

Waking up early, rested, ENERGIZED,
ready to take on the day and live it to the fullest.

Feeling healthy, being active, loving the skin you’re living in.

Worrying about losing weight, counting calories,
and sticking to a diet are GONE.

LOVING LIFE and ready to take on the world.

Is this kind of life really possible? YES.

Unfortunately, most people will never have this
kind of success when they lose weight.

They want to get rid of those ugly extra pounds.
Everyone does.
But what do most people do about it? Nothing!
Or, they look for a quick fix.

New programs! Pills! Diets! Exercise Plans!
Sounds Great...Best thing ever discovered!
People are filled with enthusiasm!

There are no short-cuts, quick fixes, secret recipes
or magical solutions for weight loss.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

This is where I come in.

As an RN, I've studied psychology, stress management, physiology, self-improvement
and holistic principles for over 40 years. All the while, struggling with my own weight, since I was a teenager.

After losing 100 lbs three times, I created a program for myself using powerful techniques
to permanently release that weight.

Recently, I decided to share my personal program and created WEIGHT NO MORE.
Now, YOU can benefit from my success.

What if you could take my personal weight loss experience along with what I have learned about nutrition, psychology and holistic energy and combine them into a program that actually WORKS for YOU?

You and I both know that quick fixes DON'T WORK in the long run.

I wondered…”What if we could get rid of all the 'magical solutions'
and ridiculous promises and just teach people the nitty-gritty
of WHAT WORKS…and pack it all into a powerful
5-Week Weight Release Program
where you are personally guided?"

So I threw myself into devloping a
comprehensive program that does just that.

In this program, I will lead you through a
5-week personal journey to discover the secrets of releasing weight quickly, naturally and permanently for you.

More importantly, my new program is designed to help you DO the right things (not just learn about them) so that you will start releasing NOTICEABLE pounds naturally.

And you’ll get the added bonus of feeling MUCH healthier…like your body was designed to feel!

This program is now available to the public for a limited time.


The Weight No More™ Program

If you’re sick of hopping from one “miracle diet” to another and you’re ready to try something that actually WORKS…then I highly recommend that you register for this program immediately.

In fact, I insist that you register…because I know how powerful this knowledge can be…and I want you to see it for yourself!

When you enroll in this 5-Week Permanent Weight Release Program, you will begin to go through a total transformation.

For a Healthy Body, Mind, & Spirit and
Permanent Weight Release
Register Now!

Here’s a taste of what we’ll discover each week…

You will get a new audio lesson with transcript(pdf), an audio coaching booster to reinforce the lesson, plus video tips each week:

Week # 1 – How To Release Weight With Your Body
               * What you need to know about food, water,
               exercise, and eating patterns
               * The TRUTH about supplements…and what you
                MUST know before you “try” anything
               * Rules you SHOULD break
               (secrets behind the B.S. of weight-loss advice)

Week # 2 – How To Release Weight With Your Mind
               * How to use the laws of holistic energy
                to make weight-loss easier
               * Secrets of controlling your thoughts
                and creating healthy new habits

Week # 3 – How To Release Weight With Your Emotions
               * Discover how to deal with reward, punishment,
                boredom, stress, tiredness
               * Learn to leverage “awareness and choice”
                to lose one pound after another

Week # 4 – How To Release Weight With Your Spirit
               * The power of a good self-image and
                unconditional love (how to get it!)
               * What you MUST know about self-judgment
                and progress vs. perfection

Week # 5 - Your OWN Personal Plan for Permanent Weight Release
               * We’ll talk about YOUR specific plan for
                releasing your unwanted weight to help you
                reach your ideal weight as quickly as possible
               …and STAY there!

THAT'S just a TASTE of what you’ll discover when you
COMMIT to your 5-Week Permanent Weight Release Program.

This program hasn't only worked for me...

The Results Speak for Themselves!

“My weight is down well over 25 lbs!”

“My weight is down well over 25 lbs! I’ve had many changes in my life and the overall awareness and presence while I’m eating continues still – a year after the classes ended.”
Michelle Walker

“My scales are down 10 lbs, my clothes are fitting better”

“Just had to share this with you.....I am soooo excited.....I am wearing a pair of slacks today that had not fit me around the waist for quite a while and they are COMFORTABLE, not tight at the waist!!!!! My scales are down 10 lbs, my clothes are fitting better AND I continue to feel better. Thanks for doing this class!"
Linda Bess

“I am in complete control of my choices.”

“Since attending Aila's WNM classes I find that I am in complete control of my choices. I make smarter food choices and am gradually releasing weight as a result. What I really appreciate is that we can refer to a recording of a class over and over again. We are given solid guidelines that are easy to follow. Thank you, Aila, for incorporating many wellness techniques to insure our success.”
Joan C. Shannon

“I loved the golden nuggets of information”

“I enjoyed the WNM TeleCoaching course. I loved the golden nuggets of information, the group camaraderie and tapping. It keeps me mindful to feed, not flood my body temple.”
Karen Ortiz

“I really am impressed with the quality of your calls”

“I wanted to let you know that I really am impressed with the quality of your WNM TeleCoaching calls. You are in charge, confident, upbeat and decisive and professional, all while being very warm, too. I really like the TBE idea. So simple and perfect. I really like the idea of a monthly or bi-weekly follow-up call, too. Thanks so much for all you put into the WNM program.”

“I have released 3 lbs this week…. still eating what I want and I'm enjoying exercising”
The WNM classes are very helpful. I have released 3 lbs this week after being sick and doing no weight lifting. I get tickled when I think about releasing rather than losing. I’m doing much better – not out of control. I cut my eating way down, while still eating what I want and I'm enjoying exercising. Lynn Gunnoe

“Now I have portion control”
“The WNM coaching calls were really powerful and helpful. I discovered that I always ate until stuffed. Now I have portion control. I enjoyed the class, having the support and being able to incorporate the ideas into my life.” Lori Gombart

“I would recommend the program to everyone”
”Looking back over the past year I believe it has taken a combination of things to get me to the point of my being willing to lose weight.
If any one component had been missing I would not have
lost 27 pounds (so far). I am very glad I took the Weight No More TeleCoaching Program. I would recommend the program to everyone.” Betty Warren

“I was very skeptical…., I found myself more relaxed”
“This was all new for me and I was very skeptical. Even though I got distracted, I found myself more relaxed.“ Louise Maynard

The Weight No More Program Includes:
Everything you need to succeed in permanent electronic format.

Five 1-hour Weekly Lessons
Transcripts for each Lesson
2 Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Self-Value
Weekly Support Guides & Articles
Techniques to Release Cravings & Emotional Triggers
Alternative Foods List
Weight No More Permanent Weight Release Planner
Weekly Coaching Audios
Weekly E-mail Support
Weekly Video Tips
AM & PM Mind Reprogramming Audios

The Weight No More Program takes you through
the skills and techniques I personally developed
to achieve & use to maintain permanent weight release!

The Entire $597 Program is Yours
for a Limited Time Only at


YOU'll have Guaranteed Success

And save this in the food you don't eat ; )

For a Healthy Body, Mind, & Spirit and
Permanent Weight Release
Register Now!

You Get Everything:
  • Five 1-hour Weekly Lessons ($749 value)
  • Transcripts for each Lesson ($249 value)
  • 2 Guided Meditations for Relaxation & Self-Value ($49 value)
  • Weekly Support Guides & Articles ($120 value)
  • Techniques to Release Cravings & Emotional Triggers ($125 value)
  • Alternative Foods List ($25 value)
  • Weight No More Permanent Weight Release Planner ($25 value)
  • 5 Weekly Coaching Audios ($425 value)
  • Weekly E-mail Support ($49 value)
  • Weekly Video Tips ($49 value)
  • AM and PM Mind Re-Programming Audios ($149 value)

    "34 Instant Stress-Busters" E-Book ($14.95 value)

    PLUS Limited-Time Bonus for first 20 enrolled:
    30-minute Personal Breakthrough Coaching Call with Me ($125 value)

    Total Package Value Worth over $1900

    Because I know how life-changing this 5-Week Program is,
    I want to make it totally affordable for YOU
    …even if you’re on a tight budget.

    You're Worth It!

    When you are ready to commit to making the changes that will result in your permanent weight release,
    I want you to have the Weight No More Program!

    Once this special offer ends you'll pay


    By registering now you can take advantage of my exclusive HOLIDAY SPECIAL offer:

    Register Now during this limited time offer to…

    Pay Only $297

    Register NOW!

Let me ask you a question…

Are YOU serious about learning to achieve permanent weight release?

You CAN.

Time is running out!

This Limited Time Offer will NOT Last.

Don't Wait…
If you are one of the first 20 people to enroll, you will receive a live personal coaching call with me designed to break through a specific BLOCK to your previous weight loss success.

As soon as you register, your spot will be reserved. You’ll receive an email with all the necessary information for your first Weight No More Lesson.

I am confident that you will be on your way to permanent weight release with my Weight No More Program. That's why You have my personal guarantee that if you are not happy with this program after 30 days, I will give you a full refund.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your permanent weight release success!

Warmest :)),

Aila Accad

P.S. Warning: When this limited time offer ends the price for this program will double. Register NOW to reserve your spot at this low Holiday Special price. Be one of the first 20 to grab the live coaching bonus for complete support. Click here to register and take advantage of the special $297 offer.

P.P.S. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to experience the freedom of permanent weight release so you never diet again?
Register now to begin seeing results!

You’ll LOOK & FEEL better than ever before.

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