Women's Retreat

Are You A Woman Who...
  • Just can't find time for yourself
  • Yearns to connect to your deep feminine wisdom
  • Misses hanging out with like-minded women
  • Would love to have time to reflect, journal or create
  • Desires to live your dreams instead of keeping them on hold
If you said yes!

You will love

Visioning 2020

Take Time to Connect with Your Soul's Inner Wisdom!
and Create a Vision Board!

  • Learn to Listen to Your Soul
  • Experience the Power of Your Self-Expression
  • Refresh Your Energy and Perspective
  • Feel Heard, Affirmed and Empowered
  • Express Your Creativity
  • Celebrate Your Life!
  • Have a Great Time!


Learn to Access Your Inner Wisdom
Learn to Trust Your Deepest Knowing
Surrounded by Powerful Feminine Energy
And, Joy Full Support!

These Retreats Sell Out Fast
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"I loved the retreat.
Afterwards I felt so much peace and my soul was so much lighter. Everyone should experience it."

Sheila Earls

"Warm, caring, nurturing and safe ~ the sacred space created by Aila, along with the wise women attending ~ Come and allow yourself to experience the goddess energy in all her glory!"
Charlotte Abell

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Visionng 2020!

This Retreat Will Fill Up FAST!

Reserve Your Space NOW!

Come Join the Circle!

A circle of wise women in an open, supportive space,
who will learn & use the secrets of
accessing your soul!

Relax and have fun creating a Vision Board!

A way to discover your inner wisdom, reveal your hopes & dreams, honor your passion, become more open to your soul and let it speak to you. The vision board process is a way to discover & actualize your deepest desires.

When & Where

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Women's Retreat Center
Charleston, WV
(7 minutes from downtown)


January Retreat.... Only $75

Reserve My Space

Lunch, Snacks, Journal & Vision Board Materials Included
Space is available for only 11 Vibrant Visioning Women

"Wonderful, as always. Such insight and enlightenment. Each and every retreat I have attended has been unique. a time of learning, sharing and awakening."

Linda Bess

"A great way ~ time to reconnect with my power to be who I am ~ choose to be. I am looking forward to the next re"treat". "

Gerie Ann Selbe
Interior Designer
By Design

  • Guided Meditation
  • Lively Discussion
  • Self Exploration
  • Access Your Wisdom
  • Create Your Vision Board
  • Laugh and Play
  • Great Food for Body & Soul

"Women's Retreats are like vitamins for your soul. There is a balance between supportive, enlightened discussion and quiet serenity in which your inner wisdom communicates freely to your soul. For those on an inner journey, these retreats are not a luxury--they are a necessity."
Barbie Dallman
Integrative Life Coach

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What Women Say!

"What a wonderful day! My soul and spirit were allowed to soar freely. I found the encouragement to proceed with my new journey. The energy level of the group was phenomenal. What an experience on such a dynamic day."
Barbara Wimer

"It is always an incredible experience when I attend your retreats. The wisdom you share is different every time & the “new” friends I meet are such a blessing."
Sheila Sheets

"I have truly enjoyed this day. I have learned that I am not alone. That others are going through similar situations. The experience has been priceless."
Sherry Kingery

"This was a wonderful experience – meeting with wonderful people and sharing life experiences. I’ll recommend this to others as well as return to a future retreat. Very healing. Very uplifting."
Nancy Sigmon

"Peaceful, affirming, light-filled, freeing experience with warm loving women."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this retreat! I have never experienced so much clarity at once!!”
Amanda C. Lochard

"It’s an awesome retreat – treat yourself to a better understanding of yourself and why you do what you do. The learning is an opportunity but the friendship is invaluable!"
Melissa Zoeller

"It was me time and I took it and I am glad I did. Your place was so restful, I loved the nature surrounding you."
Lynn Gunnoe

"One of the best days of my life. Laughed & cried. Learned a lot about myself. Now I know what I want to do with my life. Thank you so much."
Sally Snyder

"Thank You for a wonderful Day! I enjoyed every minute and came away so refreshed. I started on the clutter the next day and am continuing to work on it. I’m also much less worried about my job. Thanks a Million!"
Sandy Gainer

"Your retreats are always a gift to myself that allow me to reconnect with the beauty within me and other women."
Juanita Ruth One

"My day has been wonderful ~ made that way through all the openness, laughter, sharing and serenity. Thank you."
L Renee Green, RN

"It was fun to be among women who had knowledge & wisdom to share. Aila's retreat center is so conducive to sharing, laughing and allowing creativity to flow. What a beautiful & energizing day!"
Jeanne K. Cochran

"As always, the enjoyment was amazing, even though I have attended numerous retreats (of yours)there is always a moment when I realize why I attended "this" retreat. An "Ah Ha" moment. My growth has evolved because of the knowledge, connectedness & support I receive at the retreats."
Linda Bess

"This Women's Retreat has helped me see beyond the surface of who I am and what I want out of life. Aila has a way of empowering others to live fully from the heart. That is such a gift. I have been to most of Aila's retreats. They are always different, yet are exactly what I needed. I am extremely grateful."
Rebecca L. Farley

"This Women's Retreat was a breakthrough to a new beginning and a connection to being who I really am. Thank you for showing me the EFT healing and helping me release a blockage that has been with me for 30 years. I am taking what I learned and passing this message onto other women & men. Your love is so true."
Brenda Buskirk

“the daily reminder in the form of the Vision Board has really supported my efforts, encouraging me and reminding me of what it is I REALLY want for myself.”
Barbie Dallman, coachbarbie.com

“My vision board is on my bulletin board up to the right of my computer... it is an inspiration and a positive reminder…When I review the past few months, I can say that I have been living and experiencing these themes - in spite of all else that has been happening in my life and in the world. “
Judith Wilkinson, Morgantown

“As for my vision board I have already done several things I put on it. Yesterday just gave me the nudge I needed to get started on a whole new life.”
Sally Reed Snyder, Junior Achievement of WV